Hydration 101 – All You Need to Know to Keep Your H2O Intake Right

Water is one of the sources of life, that much we know – even the human consists of about 60 percent of it. We know it’s the key to leading and living a long and healthy life (along with other mandatory healthy diet and lifestyle choices). Still, at times it seems that we know very little about why precisely hydration, and even more importantly proper hydration, is so paramount for our health, appearance, and numerous other things. Admit it, there are days when you simply forget to drink water and do so only when reminded by someone or when the thirst wakes you up at three in the morning. This is definitely not the way to keep your body in spick and span shape. So, in order to rectify the situation, we’re about to drop some serious truth bombs about water and its benefits. Once you’re done reading you’ll start drinking immediately.

How much is enough?

The general rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day, and this is a rule you’re probably familiar with. However, according to the medical experts, there is no one-fits-all solution. Every body is different and requires different amounts of everything in life – water included. However, the ballpark estimate is that women need (on average) 2.7 litres, while for men it’s one litre more than that. However, as previously mentioned, this doesn’t apply to everyone. People who lose more water during the course of one day – people who, for instance, engage in regular physical activity and therefore lose plenty of water through sweat need more of it, while the person of same built and gender may require less if they aren’t physically active. People living in areas with high temperatures and humidity levels tend to perspire more – hence need more water than those who live in cooler areas. There are different factors to take into consideration, but essentially, no less than eight glasses is enough, and for anything more than that, just listen to your body; if you feel thirsty after eight glasses, drink more, it’s not forbidden.

Is there more than just quenching thirst?

We mentioned that water has many a benefit for your health and appearance, so the advantages definitely don’t stop at the simple quenching of thirst. When you hydrate properly, you become your kidneys’ best friend as water is essential to their function. If you deprive them of water, you run the risk or getting kidney stones (although, more studies are necessary to confirm the correlation between lack of water and this condition). Other list of benefits includes lubrication of joints, lack of muscle cramps and more stamina; equal delivery of oxygen to the entire body, regulation of body temperature, great digestion and lack of constipation and, of course, the general ‘flushing out of toxins’ that we intake in other shapes and forms. The consequences of dehydration are no walk in the park, so save yourself from all of this and just drink up already.

When and how?

That’s one of the most important pieces of information you need to know. First of all, try to stay ahead of thirst – if you feel thirsty, it means that you’re already dehydrated. However, most of us belong in the ‘drink when you feel like it’ category, which is precisely why we need some forms of reminders. One is an app that will tell us when to fill up, and the other is an attractive and sleek water bottle that should always be with you. When you have a water bottle with you at all times, it’s a reminder enough. Therefore, always keep it in your bag, on your desk, by the bed, and as soon as you look at it you will be reminded to take a sip. Aside from the times the app reminds you, it’s essential that you drink water before, during, and after a workout, as well as 30 minutes before a meal – it will do wonders for your metabolic system.

There will be times having drunk a glass of water will cause you to stop feeling hungry in the first place, as our bodies have a tendency to confuse hunger and thirst.  If you think about it, proper water intake might save you from unnecessary calorie intake, and water is generally amazing for weight loss. Now, aside from that, you might have heard a little rumor that water is great for the skin as well, and guess what – the rumor is true. No, drinking water regularly for ten days won’t give you glowing skin, but the long-term effects are definitely both real and huge. However, this doesn’t mean you should relinquish topical skincare solutions – moisturizers and other skincare products are mandatory as water can only do so much, so find the right products for your skin type and give it what it needs.

Spice things up

If there are times when plain water is dull and you need a little incentive to drink more, add lemon, ginger or cucumber (or all three) and make yourself a tasty, toxin-flushing beverage. Milk, tea, fresh-squeezed juices, and even such foods as watermelon, spinach, and many other yummy foods count, too, as they contain high levels of the precious H2O.

Still, bear in mind that calorie-free water is still the best option, so whenever you can, stick to the original version.



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