Top 5 Brands You Should Have on Your Fashion Radar This Season

If you’ve got style in your blood (which we’ll assume you do), looking good these days isn’t hard at all. With a plethora of exquisite fashion brands around, every girl is now given the opportunity to explore her fashion tastes, challenge her approach to fashion and shop online for brands she could only dream of purchasing before. The modern market has now turned to the modern customer, with the designers opening up their stores to offshore and European buyers through an extended online presence. However, it is still very true that the habit of going for the already overly-popularized brands hasn’t decreased, which makes some fantastic brands go unnoticed.

We’ve done us all a favor and dug up some of the fabulous brands ‒ from European and Australian thrills to the US-based names, here are our top five favorite labels to consider.



The UK-based brand Missguided is absolutely perfect for the modern, upbeat, edgy and fashion-forward 21st century femme. Whether you are in your teens or you are a grown-up (business) woman, you’ll love the designs that come with this brand. With an extensive selection of daring, sassy and bold pieces as much as the elegant and sophisticated elements, we guarantee you’ll find your match with this brand. They’ve got a plethora of fabulous accessories as well, so don’t be shy to browse. They’re unbelievably affordable for the quality and design they offer, which makes them one of our favorite under-the-radar brands to check out. P.S. They’ve even got student discounts!

Kopper and Zink Swimwear

Normally, to get the pieces signed by this fabulous brand, you’d have to buy a ticket to the Land Down Under; luckily, they’ve decided it’s time they made online shopping available and let us purchase their amazing designs from anywhere in the world. Good for us! Kopper and Zink designer swimwear is a typically Australian, although very forward, fashion brand that mimics that Aussie stylish, carefree approach to life while staying trendy. Fabulous beachwear is now at our fingertips and a click away. They’re currently very trending in Australia and we believe we’ve discovered them just in time! The brand’s not cheap, but you can always catch something on sale. Besides, what is important that the prices do match the quality.

Solace London


Yet another UK-based brand, Solace London is already ruling A-list wardrobes and red carpets. It was founded by Ryan Holliday-Stevens and Laura Taylor in 2013, and it has been building its stellar reputation ever since. The brand’s directional and elegant take on evening wear is exceptionally refreshing, and the affordable prices don’t hurt the brand’s reputation, either. The latest news we’ve got is that celebs like JLo, Chrissy Teigen and Kendall Jenner have wholeheartedly endorsed the brand… So, why wouldn’t we? 

River Island


One of the favorite brands of plenty European fashion chicks, River Island prides on high-quality items and superb design. The craftsmanship behind the brand is exceptional, especially when it comes to its leather items. Take your pick and wear anything from trendy outfits to staple pieces, or take a dive into RiRi’s collection she’s designed specifically for the brand. Now, if Rihanna’s involvement with the brand doesn’t get your fashion juices flowing, we don’t know what would!



The brand that screams France with its every stitch and embellishment! Although the brand’s been around for just about a year or so, every fashion-forward French girl has been spotted wearing it. From edgy designs tailored for a modern girl to feminine cuts and materials that evoke Parisian romance and tenderness, Rouje will leave you breathless. Although not everyone can pull off a French vibe… one can always try, can’t they?


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