Southern Laced attends Scottie Willis & R.E.A.P.’s Album Release Party

Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Scottie Willis & R.E.A.P. “The Live Experience” album release party. It was an amazing experience. The beautiful music and live performance by this group of talented singers was music to my ears.


From beginning to the end, their angelic voices captivated my soul. Not only did R.E.A.P. sing like angels, they also looked like walking angels due to the fact that they were dressed in all white.

Scottie had on all white too, except for his shoes, which were on a whole other level! If you saw them, you would be praising them too. (laughs)


I even had an opportunity to do a LIVE interview with Scottie and his producer Todd. Here is a recap of this glorious event…



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