The Best Outfits to Wear On A First Date

So, your crush finally asked you out. Maybe you’re meeting up with your Tinder match. Or, you’re getting coffee and catching up with an old flame. At any rate, you’re getting ready for that big moment in every relationship: the first date. You go to your closet, open it up… and panic, because you have nothing to wear! 

First of all, don’t. When a woman is as beautiful and badass as you are (and you know you are), there’s nothing to panic about! Take a breath and relax — you got this! However, if you still feel like you don’t know what to wear, keep reading. Here are a few tips. 

Most people agree that the way you dress for a first date is a way of showing off your personal brand: what type of woman are you? Are you laid back or awesomely extra? However, it’s not just about putting your best, most beautiful, and most authentic foot forward. It’s also about dressing appropriately for the occasion. 


Wear What You Want!

First things first. Before we go any further, it’s important that we point out the cardinal rule of fashion: Wear whatever you want! Fashion is about self-expression. It’s an extension of your soul; it makes you the amazing person you are. Your winning personality scored you the date, right? Don’t be afraid to show off your style. 

Are you easy-breezy and laid back? Are you always glamorous and awesomely extra? Let your date know! Chances are, he or she already has an inkling of how incredible you are — that’s why they asked you out. So don’t worry about finding “the right look.” Instead, look for your perfect look: the outfit that makes you feel confident and happy.

That said, there are times you’ll want to tailor your look to suit your destination. It’s probably not a great idea to wear your stilettos to a baseball game (unless you’re crazy comfortable in heels), and it’s not appropriate to wear your cutoff shorts to a 5-star restaurant. Here are a few tips to help you find the best outfit for common first date activities:


Catch Up Over Coffee

Your date has asked you to meet up for coffee after work. Sounds pretty casual, right?  Some folks may even question if it’s even a date! You sensed some strong “date” vibes, but it’s best to dress down in case it’s a friendly hang. The plus side: you get to wear your coziest digs!

If you’re meeting up for a coffee date, simply throw on something you’d wear every day — but add a little flirty twist. A pair of light jeans, platform sneakers, and a graphic crop top will give you the ideal cute, laid-back look. You can even dress up your look with a few cute accessories, like a chick boater hat. 

Of course, you’re welcome to adjust your look to find something that’s uniquely you and coffee-shop chic. A cozy and slouchy sweater dress? Go for it. Or, opt for an oversized top and patterned leggings for a chic, laid-back athleisure vibe. The ultimate goal is that you feel incredible in your look; when you feel great, you look great — and your date will notice.

Dinner and a Movie

This is the first date standard. You spend time getting to know each other over dinner, followed by a few hours enjoying yourselves at the cinema. It’s a classic evening out, and typically a really good time. But how do you dress for this kind of date? Start with three little words: comfort is key. 

If you’re heading out for dinner and a movie, you should be prepared to be sitting down a lot. This means you need to wear some looser items (there’s nothing worse than sitting through a 3-hour movie when your skin tight jeans are digging into your stomach). Go for a simple sundress, palazzo pants, or sexy jumpsuits and rompers.

It’s also important to remember to accessorize on a dinner date. Your date will spend most of the evening looking at you across the table; give them something sparkly to look at! This is the best time to bust out your favorite stylish jewelry, from bold and colorful statement earrings to dainty, subtle choker chains. 


A Night on the Town

You and your date are going to spend the evening club-hopping. Awesome! This is definitely the perfect date scenario for the extra girls among us (and you know who you are). It’s an opportunity to show off your incredible style — not to mention your moves on the dance floor! Just be sure you’re ready to party all night.

If you’re planning to be out late, consider bringing a coat or wearing a bodycon dress with sleeves to keep you warm. Unless you’re very comfortable in heels, swap out your standard stilettos for something with a block heel or platform. These will keep you from limping back to the car in a cranky mood at the end of the night. 

As for accessories, consider a wristlet clutch when you go out to the club. These little bags are perfect for holding your cash, ID, and lipstick, but it’s easy enough to carry and strap to your wrist while dancing. No purse slipping off your shoulder, no worrying about your stuff getting stolen… it’s the ideal solution!

Whatever you decide to wear on your first date, the most important accessory you can bring with you is confidence. The more unabashedly you love yourself, the more your date will be inclined to fall in love with you, too!

So before you head out on your first date, don’t spend too much time overthinking your look. Instead, take a few moments to celebrate how great you are! You just might discover that a little self-love makes all those first-date nerves simply disappear, helping you feel happier and more yourself all evening. 

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  1. Brevenchy says:

    Yasss! Wear whatchu want! First dates are always so interesting haha.
    -Brian M.

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