Be like Rihanna: We’re Taking Shots In Here

The 2017 Grammys will forever be remembered as the year Rihanna dazzled the cameras with her bedazzled flask. Although the customized handmade flask by celebrity fashion designer Glitter Death took 16 hours to crystallize, it only took one share on social media to become the most desirable accessory of the night.

This year at Coachella, the Barbadian R&B singer proved that she can accessorize the hell out of a flask. Rihanna, who is the Founder and Creator of Fenty Beauty, wore a gorgeous Amzwt Flasket Bracelet Hidden Flask ($31.99).


The eyecatching gold bracelet, which can hold up to 3.5 oz of your favorite drink, is adorned with a sparkling diamond lid.

Just call her the Queen of the Flask already… (And I drink to that.)

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  1. Tinu says:

    Lol.. Its really creative.. Nice article

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