Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Tips Every Woman Should Know

Yes, everyone knows that we live extremely hectic lives these days, having almost no free time just for ourselves after an exhausting day at work. That can get even more challenging when you’re a mom with a full-time job, but you know what? Taking proper care of your health isn’t a luxury, but a bare necessity, so be sure to always remember that and keep everything under control. Here are three useful fitness, health, and nutrition tips every woman should be familiar with, so check them out and improve the quality of your life and your general well-being.

Go for a healthy 10-minute workout instead of a 1-hour gym session

No matter what people may say, the fact is that you don’t really have to spend hours at the gym on a daily basis in order to look and feel great. Besides that, a lot of people simply can’t manage to work out regularly due to their busy lifestyle and spending the majority of time at work or in traffic, which is why they needed to come up with something less time-consuming but almost equally effective. A 10-minute circuit training is definitely what you should go for, as it can burn nearly 100 calories, boost your energy level, and help you feel more awake. In the first minute, you should climb the stairs by walking, running, or sprinting. Then do reverse lunges with overhead presses in the following 30 seconds – just lunge backwards, lift arms overhead with each lunge, and alternate sides. Do squats in the last 30 seconds, and then repeat the circuit 4 more times (10 minutes total).

Don’t forget to plan your regular check-ups

Needless to say, regular check-ups are an absolute must, and these are essential for women of all ages. These are particularly important as they can detect any kind of health problem in its early stages, and everyone knows that early detection is crucial. A large number of health conditions, if identified on time, can be completely cured or efficiently managed with minimum pain, so be sure to plan these in advance. Did you know that breast cancer was the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Australia in 2014? Those facts are devastating, which is why you should never skip your annual check-ups. Ladies in their 40s should go for a breast cancer screening, blood glucose testing, and lipid panel every year. Women in their 50s should get the colorectal screening done once in ten years, whereas women older than 65 should go for osteoporosis screening. Besides these, taking proper care of your eyes is also a huge must, so make sure you go for an annual eye check-up, too. Don’t forget to book an appointment with your optometrist and get a pair of contact lenses in Sydney if necessary. That’s one of the best ways to monitor your sight and keep your eye health under control.

Pay a lot of attention to stealthy salt in foods you eat

Did you know that up to 75% of the salt in your diet actually comes from packaged foods? We bet you didn’t, and that’s exactly why you should stay away from these and switch to a healthier diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and veggies which are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. However, if you can’t cut down on it completely, there’s a trick that can help you keep your sodium intake under control. You should always read the label and look for a 1-to-1 ratio of calories to sodium, or even less than that. So, if a particular food has 250 calories per serving, it mustn’t have more than 250mg of sodium. As for the recommended salt intake per day, you should know that you should keep it below 1,500mg in order to stay as healthy as possible. Some studies even show that cutting down on sodium in your diet can lower your blood pressure, therefore reducing your risk of stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related problems, so bear that in mind if you want to improve your heart health, too.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to stay fit and healthy no matter what, which is why you should give your best to stay physically active, plan your regular health check-ups, and eat as healthy as possible. Your daily sodium intake is another factor you should pay a lot of attention to, as it can prevent different heart problems and help you feel much better and healthier. All in all, you should definitely bear our fitness, health, and nutrition tips in mind and you’ll see a fantastic improvement!


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