The Edgiest Fashion Month Trends and How to Rock Them


Every year, an army of designers and models strutting down catwalks bewitch us with their novelty looks, and this season is no different in terms of ingenuity. In fact, some would say that the collections seen in the past weeks have presented some of the brightest and boldest looks we could possibly wish for, and they are already up for grabs and ready to be flaunted out in the streets.

Let’s dive into the rebellious world of this fashion month’s parade of authenticity, so that you can finally infuse your own style with that Ultra Violet galore and pick the perfect shades for the upcoming summer heat!

Suit up, ladies!


The notion of the power suit is far from a new one in the industry. From the famous Coco Chanel to the modern version of the sleek business style ready for pretty much any occasion, pantsuits are not only making a comeback, but they are doing so with proper stylish zest.

What we mean is that Alexander Wang and the like have shown how effective those fifty shades of gray can be when worn in a single go. Pair it with this season’s love for plaid and square, and you have a look that actually epitomizes edgy in the true meaning of the word.

Pick your favorite flowers

Photo by Colette Allen on Unsplash

The chic boho never goes out of style, but it somehow always manages to give birth to new ways of using florals. This time, designers have gone a step back in order to move forward. Or to put it more fashionably, they have subdued the previous seasons’ full bloom into a more delicate, moody bouquet.

The pale pink and minty blues are the perfect examples of how these perky petals can instantly be transformed into a humbler ensemble, classy and lively at the same time. You can still go for that fully-floral dress, but try to find a more washed-out combo of hues and patterns that no longer rely on neon shades or color-blocking.

Rock that sporty vibe


When athleisure first popped its pretty head into the fashion scene a few years back, we weren’t so certain that it would survive the wave of other creative trends that followed suit. Yet, here we are, basking in the serene comfort of the tracksuit, wearing those stretchy leggings, and pairing hoodies with elegant ladies shoes like there’s no tomorrow.

This is the era of wearing your favorite Adidas striped pants to work and not feeling guilty about it, and proudly carrying your Prada purse despite wearing your old college T-shirt. If there’s a single trend that best describes the rebellious spirit of the season, this is the one. Even though there’s a great emphasis on comfort and convenience, don’t be fooled by its simplicity – pure pizzazz is what’s at the core of athleisure.

Animal print is back


If it was ever truly away, so to speak, because even though not all prominent collections in the past few seasons focused on these wild streaks and spots, it was constantly there, still beloved by all true fashionistas. Once upon a time, a scarf or a pair of heels would do the trick when it comes to that leopard print, but nowadays, you should make it your statement pattern of the season.

Since oversized, massive, and chunky have been popular among models, designers, and fashionistas alike, wearing your faux-fur coat in animal print can be your go-to for colder spring evenings. If you need further inspiration or bravado, just take a look at a Tom Ford full-leopard suit, and all else will pale in comparison! A few notches louder than your regular wildlife wears, these are reserved for the boldest among you who dare take this trend to a new level of hot paired with haute.

Pastels with a twist


We’ve already mentioned this season’s adoration for pale pink, but the pastel passion doesn’t end there. These warm by nature hues have gone through a cool-down phase in order to mimic the winter mood without abandoning any of their innate charm.

Think lavender tones to dominate your outfit, as well as pale blue, timid turquoise, and creamy yellow. Just when we thought that pastels couldn’t get any gentler, they have achieved that perfect level of girly plus elegant. If anything personifies effortless, it’s these serene tones perfect for any occasion!

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    I totally love all the trends especially the suit up.. Totally gorgeous😘

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