Battling Doubt

Have you gotten to that point in your life where you feel overwhelmed for no real reason? You know the days where you don’t feel like you are getting anything done, but you still end up worn out? Guess what… you are not alone. We have all had those days, myself included. Unfortunately for me, these are the days that I feel outside of my purpose and Doubt tends to creep in. Without fail, no matter what I had planned for my day, Doubt tends to be so loud and needy that it demands all of my attention. We are not talking about the type of doubt that accompanies the soft whispers of friends or family members ridiculing you for aiming too high, as they try to convince you to have more ‘realistic’ goals. No, I am talking about the screams that come to you in the middle of the night or when you are alone and convinces you of why you will never achieve your goals.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

You have to understand that though Doubt may have originated from childhood memories or decided to sneak in during our young adult years – no matter its origins – it is a liar and it is not your friend. Now I don’t want you to believe that I don’t have a personal issue with doubt and that we do not speak – trust me we have had a few too many conversations. In fact, I do not blame Doubt for showing up. I for one, am not perfect and can see why it would think that it could take up residence in my life [I certainly have had enough experiences to make me second guess a few of my past decisions]. But unlike Doubt, we were designed to evolve and grow with each experience, and as such we cannot and will not be limited by our past.

As Doubt has no respect for age, race, occupation or gender, she will try and blind you to every previous achievement you have made in your life and leave you clueless about what to do next. It is at this point, when the cloud of uncertainty is cast over, where you have come from and what all you have done; that you know Doubt is no longer playing fair and it is time for you to fight back. I am not going to lie and say that this is an easy process. You may not win every fight, but this is a war that you will have to win for you to achieve your true purpose in life.

With all battles, one must study their opponent. Lately, I have been noticing a pattern in Doubt’s appearances and I think I am starting to figure her out [you realized I made Doubt female]. She has a sneaky way of showing up just before a real breakthrough is about to occur. If you think I am overanalyzing, I dare you to reflect on the times that you battled with Doubt and won. I can confidently assume, that like me, there was some form of breakthrough or game-changing moment that came soon after or as a result of your defying battle. You see Doubt, or Fear – however you may name her – is in reality, you not having enough belief in yourself and in God to see you through to your next step. You are more or less saying that even though He was with you in previous battles, there is no way He will be with you one more time. Doubt is telling you to put limitations on God. Doubt is planting the thought that you are not enough, or that you don’t have what it takes to finish school, start that business, write that book or have a healthy relationship. It is trying to convince you that you are not worthy of any of those things [I told you Doubt lies out of her teeth].

Photo by Michael Afonso on Unsplash

The important truth, which Doubt tends to forget in all of her falsehood, is that your destiny is going to haunt you whether it finds you today or whether it finds you tomorrow. You will never be truly satisfied with just existing. You will always look beyond the inside of your box and wonder ‘what if…’ and ‘why couldn’t I…’ Even if Doubt was to win the fight today, your dreams are going to come back and demand your attention. They are not going to lay in peace until you give your all into making them a reality. With this type of determination, Doubt will eventually lose the war. Yes, she may still try to creep out of the shadows just before you have to present on a new project, or when you try to achieve some new goal. But when you start to fully believe that God has already equipped you with everything needed, thus allowing the universe to bend for you, you will start to hear her less. This does not mean, however, that you can simply sit back and not do anything. You are going to have to work hard, and sometimes harder than everyone else around you. Faith still requires you to do your part to maintain a positive outcome. Remember, Doubt does not want you to succeed, so she will try to keep you down and unproductive. During this time, try and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. This may also mean distancing yourself from others, but keep in mind that for you to achieve something different you must be willing to think and do things differently. You are going to have to come face to face with Doubt and announce that, though you may have allowed her to occasionally sneak back in, there is no room for her and your destiny. It is time for her to leave.



Lisa Smithen’s love for words drives her creative expression as an author, freelance writer and blogger. She published her first book Uncaged Destiny in 2017.  Lisa thrives on seeing others succeed, and channels that passion into supporting entrepreneurs and community organizations.  Balancing family and career, along with being an avid reader, food aficionado and music enthusiast, Lisa engages at the intersection of life and faith in all its beauty, complexity and messiness.  Her musings on her adventures can be found and at her website .

Instagram: uncagedphoenix_blog.

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  1. Tinu says:

    Great article dear.. So inspiring.. Please keep it up👍

    Check out my new post.. Its on a lovely Ankara dress that can be worn to almost every occasion.

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