Not So Basic Gifts for a Lady Boss


Gifts are always one of the trickiest things to purchase. It always carries the risk of buying something the one it’s meant for won’t like or, what is equally excruciating, already has. Picture this scenario – your lady boss works 24/7 to secure the best possible working environment and terms for you and your team, and finally, the day comes when you need to buy her a birthday present. The present is a symbol of gratitude, but it also has to be something unpretentious so it wouldn’t come across as petty flattery. If you find yourself in such a conundrum, here are some ideas for a not so basic gift for a lady boss.

Phone wallet

Every entrepreneur likes practical things, so if you offer a gift that will combine several items into one and save their time, you’re golden. If you are confused about what sort of gift to purchase for your boss, a phone wallet might be the answer to your prayers. It’s basically a simple pouch that connects to the phone, so you effectively roll several items into one. As most entrepreneurs live hectic lives and often move from a meeting to a coffee shop, then back to the office and later to a restaurant, this can be an exceptionally practical gift.

Reusable sticky notes

Colored sticky notes are extremely useful office tools, and they have been an organizational ally to all entrepreneurs for decades. However, the impact of our reckless behavior towards the environment makes the copious usage of paper morally dubious, and you don’t want your boss feeling guilty. Therefore, reusable sticky notes are a good idea. They can easily be slapped on the smooth wall or windows of the office and, after a particular reminder has passed its “expiration date”, the info can be erased and a new one can be written down. It’s both practical and green.

A workplace mini-blender

All true entrepreneurs are dedicated to their work 24/7, and they constantly need a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals to keep their energy up. Whenever one needs to replenish their batteries during the day, a thick smoothie is a universally recommended shock to the system. Therefore, a workplace mini-blender is one of the choices you’ll hardly regret if you purchase one for your lady boss. However, before you do it, sneak around the office and check if she already owns one.

A prepaid gift card

If you are having a hard time browsing for a proper gift, maybe you are looking in the wrong place. Maybe your gift should be something completely different. In the end, a practical visa prepaid gift card is the best of all worlds – you can check off the gift on your to-do list and your lady boss will be grateful for a choice to pick something herself. It’s basically like killing two birds with one stone and everybody walks home happy.

Coffee thermos

Your lady boss is probably buzzed on coffee or various mixed-tea concoctions in order to keep her juices flowing throughout the hectic day, and a coffee thermos shaped like a cup is a good way to keep the beverage warm. If she isn’t already darting around with one of these colorful cans in her hand, this is a good sign to consider this gift.

Portable charger

In our digital age, you can never get enough of portable chargers. Even if your lady boss already owns one, this is a solid gift she can use. Since all our schedules, private information and, basically, our work is scattered across a variety of devices and apps, the last thing one needs is getting down to a 5% battery. In the business world, a depleted device is not an option, so a gadget like a portable charger is as practical and useful as a gift can be these days.


Every intellectual needs to keep a journal in order to work through their thoughts and a mix of ethical and practical dilemmas. An entrepreneur is faced with intellectual challenges every day, and an elegant hardcover journal is a nice way to show your consideration for her efforts. This is one of those gifts – just like a portable charger – which can always be used sooner or later, so if you think it’s a good idea, go for it!

Successful female entrepreneurs are universally very disciplined and productive. Businesswomen usually achieve great things by the age of 35, which puts them way ahead of men in their field of choice. So the question then arises – what sort of gift is fitting for a person who has everything? The key thing is not to aim for something brag-worthy, but something with a substance, no matter how small or modest it is. In fact, small and modest might be exactly the way to go.

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