Steps to Choosing Your Atlanta Wedding Décor Colors

For any couple, planning their wedding should be a rewarding and fun experience, and you surely would want to avoid getting all bogged down by the decisions you have to make (even for the tiniest details). The first and the most important decisions you have to make about your grand wedding are choosing the right color scheme. To make sure your Atlanta wedding decor shines, you should try choosing colors that match with the banquet hall or the wedding location. You can take inspiration from all your favorite colors as well as decorating styles. Finally, you can choose all the colors that will complete and work well with each other.

Keep in mind that picking your wedding decoration palette is not as easy as choosing your favorite colors and making them your basic foundation for the wedding detail. You have to begin this process by nailing down all your general aesthetic ideas and follow appropriate tips to choose the ultimate hues.

What’s Your Wedding Theme?

The very first thing you have to consider is the color palette that will work best with the theme. However, it may be more of a challenge when you realize you have to add in other colors like red, silver and black to fit into your rustic wedding décor vibe. There are certain themes that work well with the same colors compared to others. Keep in mind that rustic favor earth tones and vintage pairs well with pale pastels and modern colors love an infusion of strong, bold colors.

You should consider all your themes before you decide to work on your palette. In addition, you can consider working with your event planners, such as Let’s Celebrate Events to help you with choosing a hue that complements your wedding theme. You should consider picking a unique shade of color and use it as a secondary element in color palette.

Let the Setting Inspire You

Location is an important factor you need to consider. You can have a color palette in mind, just as you start with the search of your venue. You can think about the particular colors you wish to have in your color palette. If you come across a wedding venue that you prefer, but this does not work with your colors, you would want to switch this up with one or two hues that do not bust your budget and complement the theme.

Keep in mind that venues such as lofts, converted warehouses, and tents serve as blank slates, which means you can add more details that you wish to have to enhance the color and style. However, if you already have the perfect wedding venue, you can use this space to help you with coming up with the right color scheme. Note that the colors of your surroundings and reception can help to spark up new ideas. In that way, you would not have to work against clashing your color palette and all your colors will enhance what you prefer about your venue.

Keep All Your Priorities in Mind

Although the wedding venue is the biggest choice you need to make in planning your wedding, sometimes you have to consider other details that will come with choosing your wedding colors. Did you always dream of having your wedding overflowing with purple orchids, or purple dendrobium? If yes, then you can use these to come up with your own palette, rather than trying to figure a way out later. Keep in mind you should not pick a color scheme just to find that a family table runner would look out of place and lost in a modern décor.

Think Seasonally

Similar to your wedding wardrobe, the wedding color scheme is something you can get inspiration from the time of the year you plan to say “I do.” You should think about the hues or the shades you wish to use to bring out the season in your color palette. Keep in mind that colors like rosy pink are ideal for spring, whereas brighter colors like coral are summer staples. In seasons like fall, you can have rich fuchsia pairs along with other jewel tones. In addition, silver and blush are amazing wintry combos.

According to Amy Nichols at Let’s Celebrate Events, “You should not shy away from the colors you prefer or love, simply because they are seasonal colors.” Times are no longer like the old days and you can choose fall or winter colors in any season, as long as you like it. You should know that light pastels and lighter hues can work in all seasons; the trick here is to concentrate well on texture and even bring out a stronger color accent.

Use a Color Wheel 

When it comes to choosing colors, you do not need a degree from an arts college to help you with choosing colors from a palette. However, you can follow some basic principles. Typically, the colors that can go well together are opposite ones, since they create warm and cool pairs. You can choose sky blue, coral and turquoise, or pair sunshine yellow, blush, melon orange and more.

A classic way to choose a color palette is through pairing it with saturated colors like violet, neutral, gold, gray or blush.

Before you choose colors, make sure you conduct a research on your own and work with your event planners.

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