Fashion Week-Inspired Beauty Looks

Although the preparations and behind-the-scenes entail a lot more work than we see on the runway, for us, it’s all fun and games (by games we mean trends, of course), and there is no doubt that the level of fun increases when we focus on the faces and beauty details. After all, we might not be able to copy all the runway outfit looks, but we sure can snag some of the most popular beauty trends and be on point in at least that department. So, let’s see which new (or old and revamped) beauty trends made the cut this season.

Gold is the new black

The makeup look we’ll probably all jump on board first is the golden eyeliner look. Many cosmetics companies have already come out with their lines of colorful eyeliners, so it’s no wonder that the black one has been benched for the time being and colors took center stage. The reason to love the golden (or any other color eyeliner) doesn’t only lie in the playfulness of the pop of color. No, there is a practical side to it – when you make a mistake with a black one, there is no other option but to remove it and start over. Glittery and color ones, on the other hand, can be fixed with little to no effort, so there’s that perk as well.

Blast from the past

The banana clip we used to wear only when around the house in our sweats or just washing our face has made its way into mainstream fashion, at least according to Alexander Wang. The looks featured slicked hair (the third-day-no-wash kind), secured with a banana clip in the back making it seem messy and careless. We’re not sure it’s really party or office-appropriate, but on the one hand, it goes perfectly with the athleisure chill vibes and it gives you an excuse to use the clip outside the four walls of your home and call it a look.

What about them nails?

The makeup looks were kept either minimal or super experimental, depending on the levels of eccentricity of the outfits. When it comes to nails, the more colorful the clothes, the more poignant the nails seemed to be the policy. Therefore, don’t be afraid of a pop of color, and make sure to play around with bold reds. Nudes are always in, but red never goes out of style and so make sure to use the amazing wholesale nail polish deals and stock up on all the hues that call out to you. This season, anything goes – from gentle pinky nude to fierce party fuchsia and electric blue.


One of the most talked about looks from the Milan Fashion Week was the one spotted at Fendi’s show. It turns out, all you need to do to make yourself look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep is to pop a bit of silver or pearlescent white pigment across the lid, making sure you are generous with the inner corner of the eye as well, pop on a coat of mascara and wow. Not only do you look fresh and radiant, but plain stunning.

Don’t skimp on the bronzer

Whether contouring or highlighting are in or out is a debate which may never be done, but the one thing we noticed on the runways was that there were some seriously chiseled faces strutting down the runway. Using a bronzer has always been one of the best ways to give the face a more fierce and chiseled look, and we’re definitely glad it’s back. Now, even if you’re not craving the kind of cheeks that could cut glass, don’t skimp on your go-to bronzer – after all, nothing beats a sun-kissed look.  

Kissable either way

After a close inspection of the looks presented in all fashion capitals, we’ve come to a conclusion that you can either go red or without any color whatsoever. For those who always favored a statement red lip, feel free to continue down that road. If dabbling with color is too much of a hassle for you, a diametrically opposing trend will be like a cherry on a sundae. Nude lips – and by nude, we mean simply scrubbed and graced with a coat of sheer gloss or nourishing lip balm – are all the rage, and plus, if you plan on kissing someone, you won’t have to worry about smudging your lipstick. We are definitely here for the healthy and kissable pout.

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