Must-Haves: Home Essentials for 2018

Regardless of whether you are buying a new house and thinking about your dream décor, selling your current home and want to make it more appealing to home buyers or you just want to update your interior, it is always a good idea to incorporate some of the freshest interior design trends. While nothing beats timeless design, some of the novelties of 2018 can definitely help you with your intentions, if you implement them wisely. To save you from the trouble of figuring that out on your own, here are some of the must-have home essentials for 2018, and useful tips about executing them.

Celebrating craftsmanship and artisan items

The previous couple of years were all about DIY items. You could just grab a couple of pallets from a construction site or a trucking terminal and build everything from a coffee table to a bed. While these pieces often look amazing, and they are still present in home décor, 2018 brings a different approach to interior design by putting more accent on crafted items, such as woven wall hangings, carved wood furniture and rustic stools. These pieces cost significantly more than any of the DIY projects, and deservedly so, because the artists behind them invest a lot of attention, care, time and money into making them. Because of this, it will be enough to invest in one or two of them and make them the cherry on top of your décor cake.

The mystical and inspirational Colour of the year

Each year, designers turn to the world’s leading authority on colour to give them hints about what’s hot and what’s not. This year, Pantone’s think tank has come up with an amazing colour to use in our homes – Ultra-violet. This shade symbolizes serenity, mysticism, optimism, experimentation and mindfulness, all of which makes it an excellent choice for every home. It can be used as a unifying colour that binds together hues like grey, blue and black. It brings a touch of glamour into the home, especially when combined with materials like velvet and plush. For a small change, you can simply introduce an accessory in this hue.

A distinctive piece

The best way to freshen up your interior design without spending a lot of money or overhauling the entire space is by including one piece of furniture or accessory that will draw all eyes on itself, and thus make the entire room feel new and exciting. It’s actually quite easy to find such an item. For example, brands like Globe West offer an abundance of unconventional, yet sophisticated pieces, such as marble coffee tables and woven buffets. Give your distinctive piece a central place in your décor and it will shake things up completely.

Copper accents

Another very simple trend to introduce through accessories such as side tables, mirror frames, desk lamps, floor lamps and vases, copper is here to stay, so you won’t make a mistake by investing in this classy finish. It is especially useful in spaces painted in cooler hues, because it instantly enhances their warmth. These red and orange tones are taking over the place of the once popular rose gold, and they serve a similar purpose of making the room more vibrant.

Embracing imperfection

It seems like in the previous few years we have been obsessed with minimalism and every item having its place. Everything was perfectly smooth and tight and the lines were clean and straight. This year, contrary to the Scandinavian faultlessness, we are embracing the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi which celebrates imperfection and authenticity. It includes the use of organic materials, items made with innate imperfections, wood furniture with uneven grains, hand blown glass of irregular shape, pre-wrinkled linen sheets and other inherently flawed stuff. Basically, Wabi-Sabi shows that homes are meant to be lived in and not to be showrooms.

These were some of the trends which are expected to catch like wildfire this year. Don’t miss out on them, because they can make your old or new home a more beautiful place to live in, or your property a better bait for home buyers.

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