Premiere: GStampz releases new poetic freestyle “Symbols”

“We often see our life through the perception of symbols.” – Gstampz


GStampz continues to bring poetry to life with beautiful lyrical content coupled with an awesome array of dope beats. During the month of January, he successfully reintroduced himself to the world with the premiere of his freestyle song entitled  “If I Could Meet You”. This month, he’s digging a little deeper through the artistry of spoken word with his latest release, “Symbols”. This track can be described as an all-access pass to his deepest thoughts and emotions.

When asked about the inspiration behind the lyrics, GStampz explained, “This freestyle was basically me speaking on my thoughts about how we as people often look to symbols to define us. Whether they are a flag, leader, sports team or anything else, we often see our own life through the perception of symbols. I’m not judging that in any way. I just wanted to question could we become better as a human race without so much dependence on outside forces to understand who we are.”

Check out the lyrics below as you experience “Symbols”.

Some symbols confuse me, finding pride in causing pain
Some symbols are hints, while some must be explained
Some symbols feed the ego, some inspire people
To be better and measure up to us just being equal
Some symbols start but don’t finish, some symbols diminish
Some symbols get lost in fires and people lose interest
Some symbols mean hate some symbols mean togetherness
forever is an option no symbol truly represents
It starts within, it may never be found amongst men
Let’s just make it a little better with each step, inch by inch
Seems like a sinch, a breeze, but nah it’s just a symbol
Of a house full of people in separate rooms with no windows
Into the soul what’s a symbol? Who cares who are you?
Life is deeper, these symbols are just an intro into truth
is my heart more than an organ or just an emoji
Lonely amongst emotions that only act like they know me,
Symbols fly high flags in the sky to attempt to show someone
You should have pride in what outcomes they want undone
Evil actions relaxed in comfort start to make my heart hurt
I put it in my rhymes and it becomes my artwork

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