The Best Spring Fashion Trends

The arrival of a new year may mark the beginning of life changes, but when it comes to fashion, hope and innovation definitely come with the spring lines. Winter does give us a masterclass in layering, but it is spring that swoops in with those vibrant colors, unexpected prints and patterns to shake us up and make us feel alive and in color. So, without any further ado, we bring you the hottest (most wearable) spring trends that will give your wardrobe a surge of pizzazz it most certainly needs.

The bold and the beautiful

Let’s kick things off with one of the most experimental trends of all. This one is not for those faint of heart, but perhaps given a carefully chosen piece, it can be a total home run. This spring, welcome rubber into your wardrobe. If Calvin Klein’s industrial-grade pencil dress complete with rubber gloves reminiscent of those we keep under the sink is just a ‘tad’ too much for your taste, you can take a more subtle route and go for the gorgeously eccentric yet somehow even romantic millennial pink blazer. Subtlety isn’t really applicable when we talk about rubber clothing, but with a bit of attitude and swag, you can definitely pull it off.

The unmistakable

Anna Wintour is known for being stingy with compliments, but even she expressed her delight with Tom Ford’s spring line. Now, there is more than one trend this visionary brought forth, but we’ll stick to ruching for now. The reason dresses, skirts and even blouses with ruching are so amazing is simple – when done strategically, they do wonders for the figure. They conceal everything you want to hide and provide the illusion of a slimmer body. On top of all this, items of this variety look immensely more interesting.

Blocking it

The color blocking trend has made a huge comeback, and there are many ways to follow this trend, including making your own color-block outfits with single-color separates. However, this season, we don’t think this will be necessary as designers have mixed and matched and created the perfect color combos for us. From stylish striped shorts and wide-leg pants to rainbow dresses, flirty tops and breezy skirts in stunning diagonal stripes, it’s all alive and in color (block). This is one trend no one will be able to resist. The colors are calling out to you, don’t fight it.

Mama said not to

You probably remember your mom telling you the cardinal rules of color coordinating – no black and navy, no black and brown and certainly no red and pink. Well, you can finally tell your mother she was wrong, because not only have all those rules been broken, but also broken flawlessly. Red pants with soft pink blazers or a hot pink blouse? Go for it. If you can find a dress that’s a combination of both – even better, your work is done for you.

Just like old times

There are very few necklines that can achieve the level of provocativeness yet remain demure and modest like the square neckline can. Don’t take our word for it, just look at this gorgeous yellow vision by Carolina Herrera and you’ll be convinced. Herrera, along with several other designers who jumped on board with this trend are definitely giving a slight nod to the renaissance era, and it’s certain that we will be seeing a lot of this neckline. It may appear on dainty cotton tops, cocktail wiggle dresses, perhaps even fitted blazers – the possibilities are endless and oh, so flattering.

No florals for spring

It’s time to ditch the florals (or set them aside for now) and give polka dots the welcome they deserve. The ever-playful dots are back, and they can be just that – playful and frilly, but also super chic, all depending on how you wish for the situation to play out. Everything from cardigans with tiny polka dots to dresses and skirts with larger than life ones goes, just stick to the black and white combo and you will look polka-liciously on point.

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  1. LifeOfa says:

    I’m living for these new trend’s! Never been much of a fan of florals anyway’s.

  2. Kelly Stone says:

    I feel the same way! Loving the polka dots!!! ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️

  3. iamtinu says:

    Great post😇😇

  4. Kelly Stone says:

    Thanks for visiting Southern Laced!

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