I sometimes get these moments: Personal Piece

“I already know that I must accept my differences, not as an ailment [as suggested by others], but instead to embrace that, though I am different with many layers, my diversity and uniqueness is not something to be ashamed of. Rather, it is something that I should cling to as it is and has always been my true identity.”

❤️❤️❤️ – Lisa Smithen


I sometimes get these moments, days and even weeks where my words fight for release. And to any writer that may sound like a good thing, but to be honest, it isn’t always a great feeling and sometimes it can be very intense. The thing is, even though my words are trying to break free, my mind understands the repercussions of that freedom and it tries its best to hold them in. It knows that with each post written, each chapter prepared, each article or interview done, there would be more transparency to who I am and the evolution part of the growth process. Though the words know that their purpose is greater than just me and that they must escape into the universe for others who are facing similar, yet different, paths; and though they empathize with the brain and the logical process it must endure, my words have…

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