How You Can Look Slimmer By Wearing Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

If you aren’t yet convinced that all bodies are beautiful no matter what size and shape they come in, just take a look at the stunning Ashley Graham who isn’t only shattering the ‘standard beauty’ stereotypes with her incredible curves and her hugging thighs but is also walking for such designers like Michael Kors, proving that real women can make a change. Even if you don’t know about Graham, all you have to do is take a stroll around town and see all the real women walking past you to see that we are finally living in an age where all bodies are celebrated and self-love is cultivated. You were born with your body. It’s your temple. So cherish it, love it, flaunt those curves and don’t shy away from plus size clothing. We’re here to reveal how precisely these clothes can make you look not only slimmer but actually do your wonderful figure justice. Remember, there are no wrong bodies, just wrong clothes, so let’s see how you can make the best of these items.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

The one mistake most curvy girls out there make is dressing in frumpy and oversized clothes that don’t do their bodies justice. The goal isn’t to hide your figure in a dress or tunic that looks like a sack. Your curves are to be celebrated, so turn to body-hugging plus size dresses or ones that allow you to move a bit more freely – as long as they follow your curves, and they’re the right size, you will look amazing. The right dress that hides the things you don’t want to show off has ruching at all the right places – like the tummy to visually conceal it. If you’ve got great legs, make sure to show them off in an above-the-knee dress, and if you prefer to give the illusion of longer legs go for floor-length dresses and don’t forget the heels.

V it

If you’re wondering what the perfect neckline for your body type is, the most likely answer is the V-neck. Not only does it make you look slimmer but it also serves to both accentuate a smaller bust while minimizing large (like magic). On top of that, it pulls focus from the arms, which is great for all those ladies who consider this a ‘problem’ area.

Layer smartly

When you are absolutely bootylicious, a long cardigan will definitely not do you any favors. Your best layering trick lies in a short cardigan or sweater that doesn’t go below your waistline. One of the most flattering outfits you can wear is a tight tee and high-waist A-line skirt that starts exactly on your waistline. Complete the outfit with a nice short cardigan, and you will look both slimmer and well-proportioned. Short and tailored (not boxy) jean and leather jacket have the same effect, so rock them like there’s no tomorrow.

Picking the right jeans

Finding the Holy Grail pair of jeans seems to be every girl’s struggle. Now, for curvy girls, there is such a thing as a Holy Grail pair. The first thing to look for is something that comes in a mid to high-rise waist. The second thing is stretch – jeans with a bit of stretch tend to hug the body right and allow for plenty of movement which equals comfort – you don’t want them to be baggy. Now, if you have very wide hips, the best pair of jeans are flared ones as they help balance the hips and create visually longer and slimmer legs.

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