Black is The New Black

While being bold and mixing prints and patterns allows you to express your style persona and showcase your uniqueness, every true fashionista knows that every great wardrobe revolves around a carefully curated collection of basics, and this extends to beauty and skincare too. They’re called that for a good reason – they provide a solid ground on which to build your outfits effortlessly, and no one should go on without owning them. They are the exact pieces that, when absent from your closet, make you say the dreaded ‘I have nothing to wear’ sentence. Now, the first step towards building your basics are iconic black garments. Why? Because they go perfectly with any other shade and hue, so it’s high time you find out what’s been missing from your wardrobe and upgrade accordingly.

A hug for the legs

Simple, high-quality black leggings are on the top of the list of essentials, and for many reasons. First of all, they have experienced a huge comeback after falling out of favor with the fashion world for a couple of years there, possibly thanks to the athleisure trend. Ever since it was made clear that it’s not a fad and that it’s definitely here to stay, everyone has been rocking their leggings with their favorite sneakers, sports bras, and bomber jackets, from household names like Bella Hadid to every aspiring fashionista out there. These are no longer reserved for the gym only, so stock up on a few good pairs and mix them with everything, even checkered blazers.

The always in style

Perhaps there’s no need to mention this one because it’s such an obvious must-have, but just to err on the side of safety, let’s do it anyway. A black dress, whether mini or floor-length is always an absolute necessity. The beauty of this dress lies in its versatility – you can dress it up or down, create super chic or edgy and casual looks depending on how you mix and match it with accessories and outerwear. It’s also a lifesaver for any given occasion. Whether it’s a low-key get-together or a fancy upscale event you have to attend, you will always look the part in a dress like this. Just make sure to pick the cut for your body type so it always looks flattering, and you are good to go, anytime, anywhere.

The new and approved

One can never be completely ready without a great skincare regimen. That’s why it’s essential to always be on the lookout for new great products that will enhance our natural beauty, especially in the light of the fact that natural beauty is finally celebrated, and minimal coverage is recommended. One of the tried and tested products that have been getting rave reviews comes from the amazing charcoal skin care family – the charcoal face mask. It removes all the impurities, unclogs the pores efficiently and gets rid of excess sebum. There are tons of reasons to love it, plus, charcoal is a natural ingredient that has finally made it into mainstream beauty and we love it. True, it’s not a fashion-item exactly, but what is fashion without beauty?

The soft and elegant

There is a good chance you already have this item in your closet given its huge popularity, but if you don’t – hop to it. We’re talking about a black satin and lace camisole top. Unlike other tops, this one is both elegant and casual and can be worn with a pleated skirt, but also with denim shorts, jeans, and a sweater – you name it, it can do it. It always elevates every outfit effortlessly and every time so you simply must own it.

Last but not least

The color red might be the official color of the fall/winter fashion season, and the checkered pattern is ruling the blazer department, but you can’t possibly skip a classic and timeless black blazer and move on to trendy items. Of course, you should have this too if you wish, but sooner or later they will go out of style, which can’t be said for a black blazer. It will always stand the test of time and always be an integral part of both office and casual wear.


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