Big Decisions We Should Make in December

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Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

Even though we usually start making our New Year’s resolutions at the end of December, there are a few resolutions you could – and should – start making a bit earlier, to ensure you stick to them no matter what. Here are some of them for you to consider.

Making sure that this time you stick to your resolutions

It is a known fact that a great number of us tend to give up our plans after approximately three weeks. So, do your best to ensure that this year it doesn’t happen to you. However, you will need a lot of will and self-control to do so. Therefore, make sure you follow each and every one of these steps.

1. Set specific goals

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For example, let’s say your goal is to get in shape. Okay, that is a good goal. But what do you mean by that? Do you want to reach a certain body-fat percentage, certain measures or certain weight? You have to know exactly what you want. So, sit down, write that on a piece of paper, and read it to yourself every single day.

2. Share your goals

Support is a major factor when it comes to achieving certain goals, as is the fear of disappointing certain people. To increase your odds of success and get the support you need, share your goals with your family and friends. That way, people can check in on you every now and then to make sure you don’t break a promise you gave to yourself and them as well.

3. Make schedule

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If you really want something, you will always MAKE time to do it. Using the ‘lack of time’ as an excuse is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and to stop yourself from doing it, make a precise schedule of your daily workouts, your cleaning time etc. – whatever your goal is. When we make ourselves do something often, it will become a regular habit sooner or later.

4. Be patient

Nothing changes overnight. It takes 13 hours to build a Toyota, and 6 months to build a Rolls Royce.

Start eating healthy

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And there it is, the most common resolution in the world. Believe it or not, but more than 70 percent of people wish for this every single December. However, YOU are going to be the one who will stick to it until the end. And no, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you should go on a diet or something like that. It means eating complex carbohydrates, making lean protein at least 10 percent of your daily intake of calories, minimizing trans fats, fast food, alcohol etc., minimizing the salt intake, replacing sugary drinks with water and simply approaching food with an overall healthy mindset.

Business plans

The next year should be about taking action. No more wishful thinking – it is time to take the first step in developing your business plan. Firstly, write your ideas down. Secondly, consider your options when it comes to turning these ideas into reality and finally, get up and get down to business.

Plan the important steps in your life

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You only have one life. Make it count. Maybe now it is time to start saving up for that brand-new car you want, or start browsing through catalogues of beautiful diamond engagement rings and finally pop the question? Or maybe even pay a visit to the baby section at the supermarket? The truth is, there is no right time for anything in life, especially those big steps, but procrastinating and overthinking will do more harm than good.

Start saving for summer holiday

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It is NEVER too early to start saving for anything. You never know what the future might bring, so it is always a good idea to be prepared and start saving. Not to mention that this way, you will need to put a lot less money aside each month.  

Think of the upcoming year as a blank notebook which you can fill any way you want. Make the next year count!

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