Keeping Up With the Runways – Winter Beauty Edition

The makeup wizards of the fashion industry flock to fashion capitals every runway season to show us how it’s truly done. We sit, watch, take notes and then adopt what suits us best, because, after all, they are masters of their trade and who better to tell us what’s hot and what’s not than them. This season has been incredibly versatile and inspiring, and there is certainly something for absolutely everyone. From minimalists to statement-makers, everyone will love and jump on board with at least one of the looks. So let’s explore the amazing winter trends and see what we can learn.

Imperfect is the new perfect

If the thought of doing your lips makes you want to quit instantly and go without color, think again. You don’t need to suffer for precision anymore as soft-focused, diffused and slightly smudged look is finally in style. No more lip liners, lipstick brushes for precise application – all you need is your go-to red, burgundy or plum shade. Simply dab the lipstick directly onto the lips, smudge with your fingers and for extra volume, apply a bit of high-shine gloss. You can leave them matte, or opt for a glossy version – both are equally stunning. You don’t even have to be concerned with re-applying; even if some of the color fades away during the day, you will end up with that natural ‘just kissed’ look, and that’s the entire point anyway. Aside from foundation and a subtle coat of mascara, keep the rest of the face clean, so the entire focus is on the lips.

Simplicity is the key

For a fresh, dewy look that makes the world think you’ve had a night of high-quality sleep, definitely go with gentle rosy and peach hues to create the monochromatic look everyone’s been buzzing about. Take a sheer peachy eyeshadow and simply sweep it across the entire lid and add a touch on the lower lash-line. Then, using a blush in the same shade, dab it softly onto the cheeks for that fresh and flushed look. For a more precise application of the blush, you can play with a new type – spray blush by Napoleon Perdis to create that perfect airbrushed look. Instead of matte, use a luminous foundation that will bring out that healthy inner glow. You can choose to leave the lips natural, with just a touch of lip balm, or grace them with a sheer gloss in the same shade.

Keep it warm

Warm-toned eyeshadow palettes have been getting a lot of love from everyone – designers, makeup artists, and bloggers. They are the perfect antidote to the harsh weather and bring that warm pop of color to the eyes even during the murkiest of days. You can choose between copper, burnt orange, burgundy and warm brown shades, or play with every one of them to create a dramatic yet completely appropriate and chic look for any occasion. Take your pick from Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk, Naked Heat by UD or Tarte’s Toasted palette, as they have absolutely everything you need. A touch of matte bronzer to complete the look is recommended and just a sheer gloss so the eyes can truly pop.

Wing it

One of the looks that has dominated the beauty world for a couple of years now is still going strong, but this season it’s gone through a bit of a transformation, or better yet, a throwback. If you aren’t the master of the perfect eyeliner wing and have a sense of nostalgia for the ‘90s, rejoice, this look is custom-made for you. Apply your eyeliner or eye pencil in black on the upper and lower lash-line, and then use either a brush or your finger to smudge out the edges for that grudge-y, undone look that is the epitome of cool. Wing it according to the shape of your eye for a perfectly imperfect and impactful eye look, and keep everything else intact. Let the eyes to the talking.

Bonus tip – overworked eyebrows are completely over. Now, adopt a more natural trend of simply filling the blanks with an eyebrow pencil in your shade, brush them nicely for a gorgeous feathery look.

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  1. I really like the diffused lip color. Very editorial, but easy at the same time.

  2. Kelly Stone says:

    I actually tried this one myself! Thanks for visiting Southern Laced!!

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