SPONSORED CONTENT: These 11 Sneakers Won’t Ever Go Out of Style

Everyone needs a pair of sneakers. It’s a necessity in modern fashion. Today, with so many different styles and brands, it’s hard to imagine that all sneakers will stay in style. While not all will make it, some have stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Every year, sneakers undergo innovative changes and new designs. There are some geared more toward fashion than functionality and performance nowadays—so it makes it hard to find the perfect pair. Even so, there appears to be a demand for a classic pair of shoes that won’t fade with the times.

Sneakers, in general, are continually a huge market. In 2015, athletic footwear accounted for $17.2 billion in sales, according to NPD Group. That trend is expected to continue as more comfortable, casual clothing is becoming the norm.

It’s hard to keep up, but even if you’re not the most fashion-forward person, choose one of these sneakers, and you’ll never be out of style.


Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-Top

If someone has never seen the Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Top, it’s pretty reasonable to say that person has been living under a rock for the last 80 years. They used to be basketball shoes, but now they’re everywhere, and everyone wears them—even if they don’t play basketball. Who would’ve thought that a shoe invented in 1923 would still be one of the most recognizable shoes out there?

Adidas Superstar

It’s the most classic Adidas shoe out there: the Adidas Superstar. The rubber toe shell was meant to keep form during sports and give extra toe protection. Later, it was copied by others in the industry as more of a sneaker style.

Since 1965, Adidas has been making the Superstar this style, and according to One Click Retail’s analytics on Amazon purchases, the Superstar was the top-growing item in shoes on Amazon.com in 2017 for the first half of the year. Adidas has been putting out shoes that match modern style with the NMDs and EQTs, but the Superstars are still a huge priority for the brand.

Puma Suede/Clyde

Created in 1973, this sneaker—with its many colors—led to the designs of the modern sneaker style. The Clyde looks both sporty and stylish—good for the court and the street. Its suede texture also makes it a little different than the rest. And of course, they come in an array of colors.


Nike Air Jordan 1

Making its first appearance in the 1980s, the Air Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic basketball sneakers. It was the first Michael Jordan signature shoe. Now, people put their names on shoe brands, but Jordans are still known by all.

Vans Sk8-Hi

These skate shoes have been around since 1978, inspired by the Chuck Taylor basketball shoes. The Sk8-Hi’s, however, have more ankle protection and support for skateboarding. The waffle sole also helps with the grip on the board.

New Balance 576 and 501

There are a couple New Balance shoes that have stuck around, but the bold “N” on the side of the shoe is what really makes this sneaker recognizable. The New Balance 576, are the classic versions released in 1988. Nowadays, the model has been updated and made a little sleeker with the New Balance 501. It’s the same basic concept, but with a few adjustments.

Chuck Taylor All Star/Converse Jack Purcell

While this lower-riding sneaker is similar to that of the Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-Tops, the history of the sneakers are different. The Converse Jack Purcell, created in 1935, was designed by a badminton-playing Canadian. It became a Converse shoe in the ‘70s.

Adidas Stan Smith

Created in 1971 and named after a famous tennis star, these sneakers have withstood the test of time. With just the three diagonal lines of simple dots, mimicking the classic Adidas Superstar lines. This was one of the first leather tennis sneakers on the market, and the beauty of these shoes is they can be worn on the court or dressed up with some nice pants and a collared shirt.


Vans Authentic

These shoes aren’t just worn by skaters. It seems they’re worn by most millennials—who pair them with chinos—and those older men who are young at heart or were once skaters themselves. With a variety of colors, the Vans Authentic are sure to have a style to suit anyone.

K-Swiss Classic

Selling since 1988, the K-Swiss Classic is most classic in white, but there are some other neutral-colored options available as well. The iconic look includes D-rings for the shoelaces and a three-piece toe.

Keds Champion Originals

With colors galore, the Keds Champion Originals are sure to have a style for everyone. With the narrow width, these shoes will look great with any fitted skinny jeans, pair of leggings, or skirt. On the market since 1916, these shoes were meant to last.

image 10-27-17 at 12.51 pm

Best Time to Buy

When is the best time to buy a pair of new sneakers? According to EDITED, the price of sneakers was up 5 percent in the first part of 2017. However, there are still great opportunities to get sneakers on sale. According to an article from Time, the best months to buy sneakers are November and April.

Fashion Sneakers Trend

According to an article in Forbes, Adidas has been making most of their profit from non-performance styles recently. But does that mean people are no longer buying the classics?

While many of the styles that have stayed around started as sports-related shoes, there’s been a huge surge in fashion sneakers in the recent years. In January 2017, 41 percent of men’s footwear sales and 71 percent of children’s footwear sales went toward fashion sneaker sales, according to Footwear News, which was a jump up from sales in January 2016.

While fashion sneakers are becoming all the rage, it might be good to keep a couple of those classics in the closet for the long-term.

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