Petty Blvd’s Top 5 Fashion Must Haves For “Right Now”

#5 “Millennial Pink

SOURCE: @abercrombie

Okay, I’m over “Baby and Boujuee” pink, and I’ve picked up “Millennial Pink”. I simply adore this hue and I’ve substituted it for most of the brown and beige colors I was rockin’ earlier this year. Millennial Pink is poppin’ this Fall and it’s not hard to find. I’ve purchased bomber jackets that run me about twenty bucks each from TJ Maxx. The color is pretty much everywhere now and it’s versatile. Rack up on shirts, jackets, nail polishes, shoes, scarves, jackets, and handbags without putting a dent in your pocketbook. It’s trendy and affordable.

#4 “Kitten Heels”

SOURCE: Urban Outfitters

I remember playing dress up as a little girl and “clackin” along in my grandmother’s kitten heels. Never did I ever think these things would be an interest of mine as a young woman. I didn’t expect them to make a comeback. But hey, they’re back… whole, open toe, slingback, booties, whatever! They’re so Hollywood now and nothing screams “granny” about them.

#3 Lurex Threads

SOURCE: Forever 21

Almost every fashion trend that I can remember growing up has resurrected. Lol! Lurex threads, gemstone hued fashions that I’ve always loved are back, fierce, sophisticated and makin’ statements. Great blast from the past, I’d say.

These dazzlin’ threads come in every color; green, black, and metallic silver (#musthaves)! Whatever color fits your mood or personality, rock em’ proudly. Dress up or down with a gemstone hued blazer, blouse or even pants and it’s “All Eyes on You”.

#2 “Velvet”

SOURCE: Fashion Nova

Heels, boots, bras, clutches, pants, jewelry… LOVE EM’ ALL! This is one of the many trends that won’t ever get old. Fashionova has a variety of velvet goodies to help you achieve your look for this new season. Muave, black, blues and reds are all major wants for any occasion or event this Fall.

#1 Pin-Stripe Pajamas Top/Bottom”


I’m ditching my track suites for a couple of top of the line pin-stipe PJs! Strut the catwalk or sidewalk comfortably. This look is nothin’ short of amazing. Many Hollywood stars, including the beautiful Zendaya, have been spotted wearing this classy look. Switch your style up when you have events, such as meetings, brunch or even girls night out. This look is breathtaking and can be slayed on all women, all shapes, and sizes. This trend doesn’t discriminate. 🙂

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