PinkFest!: Stylist L. Roy Talks to Assistant Producer and Casting Director Angel Lee about Friends of Survivors’ Annual Pink the Runway Show on Oct. 8th

Confidence is not segregated by race, gender, height, social enigmas, social statues, etc… Instead, confidence is excluded by the individual. It is an acquired trait; one that you learn through repeated sessions in front of your mirror expressing, “You can do this.” – Angel(a) Lee’s motto

Friends of Survivors will be hosting its annual breast cancer awareness show on October 8th at Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, Mississippi. In an effort to bring attention to this malicious disease, breast cancer, Pink the Runway is collaborating with local designers, business owners and local talents to raise money for Mississippians undergoing cancer treatments.

I had a chance to talk to Angel Lee, who is the Casting Director and Assistant Producer of this year’s Pink the Runway Show. If you are a part of Mississippi’s fashion scene, you’ve had the pleasure of watching Angel’s career take off in a very competitive industry. As a fashionista myself, I was excited to have a seat at the table with such a talented, compassionate, fierce and confidant woman.

Discover the touching story behind this gorgeous woman who sports a beautiful bald head by reading our interview below.

Photo Credit: Justin Hardiman

Q: How has fashion inspired you?

AL: Fashion has always inspired me. I have always seen fashion as a way of self expression. It’s a way for me to be free.

To me, fashion is an art. It allows me to be something else out of the norm. So it’s an extension of my personality.

Q: The Fall season has just started. What trends are you most excited to see this year?

AL: I am a lover of the 70s. I would love to see some wide-legs and corduroy. As far as colors, I would love to see some bright colors. Personally, I don’t think we should define colors by seasons.Normally, we associate Fall with not so warm colors. We see more of the darker shades. I would love to see some bright reds, blues and yellows.

I would, also, love to see some floral prints.

Photo Credit: Tim Ward of Pictures Are Ready

Q: How did you become the Assistant Producer for Pink The Runway?

AL: Pink the Runway hits close to home for me. That is one of the reasons I wear a bald. I lost an aunt to cancer. Before she was really sick and bedridden, she told me how embarrassing it was to go outside without a scarf or cap on her head. At the time, she was going through chemo and losing her hair.

I didn’t know what she was going through. People would stare at her. People would judge her by the way she looked, but not realize what a courageous woman she really was.

Confidence is my platform for women, men and all races. My whole premise is to show people, especially women, that you can still be beautiful and confident with no hair on your head.  Most people tell me, “Angel, you can rock that because you have a beautiful shaped head.” Even if I didn’t have a pretty shaped head, I would still wear my head bald. My point is to show society that a woman or man should not be judged by what they don’t have.

My whole point is confidence. I’m a model in a field where my height says I can’t be a model. So I’m not your “ideal” model.

People misunderstand what’s not understandable. I hate labels.

Q: Angel, you definitely wear your confidence well with your whole look and the way you model at fashion shows. Your walk is fierce and you just own it.

AL: And it’s not cockiness…. I’m still humbled. I’m blessed, which doesn’t always mean the amount of money you have.

I want to inspire, teach and show people that if you step outside of the box, there’s a whole other world besides what you see in front of you.

Q: How has Pink The Runway impacted your life?

AL: My purpose outweighs fashion. Of course, it’s personal for me. I’ve always wanted to be a part of Pink the Runway because of what it stands for. I always wanted to make sure I had some type of presence in the show. So each year, I participate in the show as a model or just helping out.

Q: What fashion styles have inspired this year’s Pink The Runway?

AL: Even though this is a fundraiser, I want people to come out and enjoy a night of fashion. As I mentioned before, I would love to see bright colors and 70s fashion. We have a lot of participants this year. So hopefully, something from A to Z will be shown on the runway.


Q: Each year tops the other. How do you continue to raise awareness each year?

AL: This is my first year as Assistant Producer of Pink the Runway. I work with Kimberly Minor. She’s the Vice President of Friends of Survivors. LeAlex Martin is the President of Friends of Survivors.

Once this show is over, I am going to be more active in community development. I plan to help Friends of Survivors with fundraisers and visiting patients. I’ll also be assisting with care packages. These are some of the things I will be doing outside of fashion aspect of it.

Q: What legacy do you hope to leave for survivors?

AL: I want them to know that even though they have gone through a very terrible time in their life, things will get better. Even though some women may have chosen to let their hair grow, I want to be that symbol of what they’ve gone through. I want them to know that they don’t have to give up. I want to be the push that keeps them going.

I shave my head every morning because it’s something I choose to do. I have a purpose when it comes to this process. Just like them, I don’t always have the energy when I get up in the morning…. but I shave my head and go about my day.

When they see me, I want them to know that, “You can and will get through this.”

Tickets can be purchased at Click HERE to make a donation to Pink the Runway.




Amour Venue
1100 Jr Lynch St
Jackson, MS

*Formerly The Penguin


Angel(a) Lee is a native of Magee, Mississippi. Currently, she resides in Mendenhall, Mississippi. The petite, mature, BALD (by choice) model, model/runway coach, coordinator, casting director and assistant producer, loves fashion and feeling confident in her skin. Angel uses fashion/modeling as an avenue to promote confidence. Hence, the creation of her own clothing line, Ajukm Apparel, LLC. Angel’s designs are mirror reflections and are meant to promote self-confidence. Recently, she started a modeling agency, Angel Lee Modeling LLC.

Angel can be found on Facebook (Angel Lee Modeling LLC and Ajukm), Instagram at (@ajukmapparel and @angel_modellyfe) and You an also reach her at 601.566.5565,, and

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