Interview: Santana Talks To Conscious Rapper/Lyricist Kyle Knight About His Latest Release ‘Hey Sister’ and More!

“My goal is to create music that all ages can enjoy and be inspired by, [sic] to me, it’s telling a story that paints a mental picture in your mind. I want folks to not only listen but also feel what’s going on while I lay out the stories in my songs. I won’t rap about things I never encountered in life. Honesty and truth in storytelling are very important to me.”
– Kyle Knight, excerpt from Press Release by Amanda Menster, 2017.

Is storytelling dead? I think not! If you take a minute to listen to “Hey Sister” by rapper/lyricist Kyle Knight, I’m sure you’ll be reminded of some of the legends of Hip-Hop, like Run – D.M.C., and Nas.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Kyle, who is not afraid to tackle issues that most artists tend to ignore like abusive relationships and the empowerment of women. It wasn’t a surprise when he shared some of his greatest influences, which included Hip-Hop legend Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper.

“But in terms of real artist, I listen to Michael Jackson and Prince,” Kyle says.


Growing up in New York, music was always a part of Kyle’s life. His father, David Knight, who is known for his production of SWV’s remix ‘Right Here‘, has also worked with legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy.

Even in the shadows of such musical talent, Kyle stands on his own and captures your attention. This conscious rapper has found a way to intertwine his artistic lyrics mixed with the flavor that most Hip-Hop fans love to decipher and bob their heads to.

In Kyle’s track entitled “The Truth”, he creates an atmosphere that pulls you into a  passionate, soul-stirring, energetic movement that is sure to be a light of motivation to the world. While working on this project, he described himself as focused and hinted at the possibility that a video was in the works.

During the interview, Kyle spoke of his time on Broadway, in which he described as life-changing. In order to be successful, he found himself reading more in order to gain the knowledge and understanding needed.


But don’t think Broadway changed him! Whether inside the studio or hanging out amongst the crowd having a good time, Kyle remains grounded and determined to be true to himself no matter what.

“I make sure I do my meditation,” Kyle says. “When you’re going through all types of the things, it’s so important to really know who you are.”

To find out more about Kyle Knight, visit:

Twitter: @kyleknightmusic
Instagram: @kyleknightmusic

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