Editor’s Pick: Laced Twitter Quotes of the Week


“Too many half healed people looking for a relationship. If you are still carrying baggage from your old relationships, you are not ready.” – Idris Bolton, Motivational Speaker, Author, Life/Relationship Coach


“If it is turning you into a worse version of yourself, it’s time to release it.” – Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, Minister, Licensed Pyschologist, Educator, Artist


“Until and unless you know that you are enough just the way you are, you will continue to look for more.” – Iyanla Vanzant, Author, Life Coach, Television Personality


“When people you don’t know hate you that’s when you know you are the best.” – Paulo Coelho, Writer


“Some people like drama because if they didn’t have it, they would have to deal with their root issue: they’re not satisfied with themselves.” – L. Spenser Smith, Pastor, Singer, Songwriter


“All money, ain’t good money. There is power in saying, ‘no’. – Isaiah Washington, Author, Producer, Actor


“Our dialogue on mass incarceration must include women, the fastest growing prison population. No nation incarcerates more women than the US. – Common, Hip Hop Artist, Actor


“This tweet is a reminder that Philando Castile paid for kids lunches out of his own pocket when they couldn’t afford it in the cafeteria… – C.J. Lawrence, Attorney


“LORD, we pray for Texas, Louisiana & all of America. Show yourself strong. Let the fruit of this crisis be love, hope, & healing.” Pastor Hart Ramsey, Senior Pastor of Northview Christian Church


“Remember others. People outside of America are suffering from the severe effects of climate change too. They also need our prayers + money. – Ava DuVernay, Director, Screenwriter

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