Pre-bridal beauty treatments: Perfect program to leave you feeling amazing about yourself

All brides to be want to feel amazing on their big day. They want their skin to look flawless and their hair to exude healthiness and freshness. All that can be easily attained if you choose not to stress over the little things. There are lots of pre-bridal beauty treatments that you can go for. Starting from the most expensive ones, all the way to the simplest – and believe or not – the most efficient. Here’s a guide to the perfect program that will make you feel amazing about yourself inside out.


It all begins with facials

As soon as you get engaged, you need to start taking better care of your skin. “The Ring” usually means it’s time to make plans for the wedding; the first plan should be to look after your body. Invest in quality skincare products that have been tested. Steer clear of harsh, heavy ingredients that have a negative effect on the skin; and by negative, we mean itchiness, dryness, and even redness.

Use organic face creams that contain active ingredients meant to strengthen the complexion and reduce pores. Aim at ingredients like green tea, honey, olive oil, and chamomile. These are packed with essential nutrients that the skin needs to regenerate.

Move on to looking after the hair

Before doing anything to your hair, make an appointment with the best hairdresser in town. A professional will recommend you the hairstyle that best complements with your natural facial features. If you want to have long, beautiful hair, you might want to get a keratin treatment to make it grow faster and healthier.

Keratin treatments make your hair look healthier, and feel softer. It will be easier to style, and the whole effect last between 4 and 6 weeks. This means that you’ll have gorgeous hair after the wedding, too.

Don’t forget about your eyebrows

Forget all about being forced to pluck your eyebrows. All-natural is a much better option. Nothing shapes your face better than brows grown naturally; we’ve all been through the extreme plucking phase. If you’re in the same situation; it’s best to start a re-growing treatment with at least 6 months before the big day. It will be a long and “painful” process because at some point you might give up. Stay strong and think about the end result.



Before deciding to get a tan, it might be a better idea to do a test run; and see how your skin reacts to the tan. Don’t go overboard with a shade that’s too dark. If there’s no way to get a natural mild tan, choose the organic spray variant. It’s not compulsory though; there are other ways to make your skin look amazing without getting tanned. Make an appointment to the salon, and schedule treatments like anti-cellulitic procedures and full body wraps to restore elasticity and have a smooth, clear skin when the big day comes.

Aim at treatments that increase firmness; but at the same time, you don’t want to go overboard. It’s equally important to relax, take some time to unwind, and just enjoy the sessions.


Makeup preparations

Brides to be should test makeup products for 3 weeks before the wedding. Aim at organic products that don’t contain artificial ingredients, parabens, and alcohol. You can’t afford red skin, zips, and uneven skin on the big day. Testing allows you to see exactly how certain products interact with your complexion.

It’s equally important to settle on a type of makeup. There are so many available, that it’s often difficult to make a choice. Consult with a professional to help you choose the makeup that best complements your facial features.


Whether its summer or winter, the best beauty products are minerals foundation, makeup base, concealer, and of course, blush. These three combined provide the best face contouring; afterward, you can easily begin choosing colors and styles for your eyelids; as well as settle on a lipstick color. The end result should emphasize your beautiful eyes, but without making the makeup seems too extreme or artificial. Do 2-3 tests before making a final decision; just to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

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