7 Hairstyles That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger

Finding the fountain of youth is one of the never-ending quest of humankind. What if you find out you can actually achieve a much younger look without spending millions on botox, expensive medicines, and cosmetics? Just change your hairstyle a little, play with the color, length and the overall styling, and there you go! You look 10 years younger already!

Here are 7 hairstyling secrets that will revamp your look in a bat of an eye!

1. Layered Pixie Cut

Layered Pixie Cut (Source - Pinterest)
Layered Pixie Cut (Source – Pinterest)

Don’t feel afraid to show off your face. Get a super chic pixie cut. It will give you a confident, edgy look. But don’t cut it really short, it can age you down. Keep the cut on the softer site, layered so that you can mess with it and style it up any way you want.

2.  Shoulder Length – Soft Curls

Shoulder Length – Soft Curls (Source - pinterest)
Shoulder Length – Soft Curls (Source – Pinterest)

If you prefer your hair longer than a pixie cut and have naturally wavy hair, you should go for the shoulder length cut. Keep it just to or above the shoulder and blow dry it. You can apply some volumizing hair styling products to add extra volume if you feel your hair need that extra oomph.

3. Long & Choppy Bob

Long & Choppy Bob (Source - Pinterest)
Long & Choppy Bob (Source – Pinterest)

Some of us are in love with bob cuts. To flatter your look and to get a youthful edge, grow out your bob a little more. Let it hit somewhere between your chin and shoulder. This long bob hairstyle is flattering for women of all ages and shapes. If you have a heart-shaped face go for the chopped version of this cut in layers.

4.  Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob (Source - Pinterest)
Wavy Lob (Source – Pinterest)

Some long loose waves to frame your face with an eyebrow-grazing fringe can be the perfect beach-y fun look you were looking for. ‘Lob’ which is practically a long bob, when done with wavy, textured hair, automatically adds extra freshness to the face.

5. Slick & Straight

Slick & Straight (Source - Pinterest)
Slick & Straight (Source – Pinterest)

If you are more into the slick sophisticated look, a blunt, one length straight cut should be your go to. It’s a classic on its own and doesn’t take much effort to maintain. You can add extra volume at the front or just keep it sharply parted. Wavy is good, but for this kind of look straight shiny hair does the best job.

6. Add Texture and Volume

Add Texture and Volume (Source - Pinterest)
Add Texture and Volume (Source – Pinterest)

One of the major characteristics of youth is it’s wild and fun. So don’t always go prim and proper. Add some haphazard texture, some rumples, layers to replicate your ‘young at heart’ persona. But be a little careful with volumes, too much of it can do the opposite.

7. Highlights and Ombre

Highlights and Ombre (Source - Pinterest)
Highlights and Ombre (Source – Pinterest)

Sometimes, sticking with the same color for a long time can make you look outdated. it’s not the cut that makes you look outdated. Your jet black hair can add to your age if you have a very fair skin tone. Mixing up few subtle colors and placing the highlights carefully is the key to achieve a more youthful look. Don’t follow the trends too much, color and highlight your hair with shades that suits your personality while naturally making you look younger. Coloring and highlighting are instant hairstyle updates without chopping length off.

As much as we love to run our fingers through the freshly chopped hair a bad hairstyle can ruin all that confidence and make us look older than we are. But there’s a silver lining which is we can easily fix that without a lot of time or money.  A session with our favorite hairstylist and we are all set!

– Samantha Jones

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