Unexpected Luxury Locations

There are two kinds of luxury destinations and resorts. The first kind are the places everyone knows about, such as the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, resorts in the Bahamas and other tropical destinations. Then, there is the second kind and those are the underrated and under-explored hidden gems that definitely deserve your attention. Sure, the famous destinations have their charm, but they also have that ‘been there done that’ quality to them, even if you’ve never visited them. This other kind, however, is equal to the levels of luxury, but still untainted by rave reviews and large numbers of people flocking to them. Today, we are taking you on a tour of some of the most gorgeous luxury destinations hiding in the most unexpected corners of the world, so stay tuned and take note.

The Beehive State

Utah, commonly known to Americans as the Beehive State may seem like your regular state in the western United States. However, Utah is highly underrated; in reality, it’s more than worth the trip, perhaps for some even more worth it than NYC or LA. Aside from the stunning open-space deserts, there is a majestic resort-cross-wellness-retreat in Amangiri. This spa is the definition of luxury. It’s spread across 2,322 square meters (25,000 square feet), and the spa pavilions, treatments rooms, and terraces provide a variety of treatments including massages, scrubs, wraps and flotation therapy. The stone-lined step pool with breathtaking views of the surrounding desert alone is worth the trip, not to mention restorative yoga classes and minimalistic suites that simply ooze serenity and elegance. It’s seclusion and relaxation at its finest.

Peace and tranquility

This place is custom-made for the greatest generation – the ones who are done with work and are now looking to sit back and enjoy life in one of the best retirement villages there are. It may be only 30 minutes away from the Sydney CBD, but Beauty Point resort feels like you’re in an entirely different universe. The village offers private apartments, meaning that you get your very own slice of privacy. In addition to that, it has its own beauty salon, a cinema, gaming rooms, pools and a spa, restaurants boasting exquisite food, cafes and bars and even concierge service. When it comes to retiring, it doesn’t get more stylish or vacation-y than this.

The unexpected fairy tale

An abundance of fairytale-like castles is something you would expect to find in Great Britain. We’re about to blow your mind because your hidden fairytale castle destination is hiding in no place other than the Himalayas. The Wildflower Hall is a historic ex-Lord’s home, and its exterior is as opulent as the interior. Nuzzled deep in the forest, 8,250 feet above sea level this luxury hotel has everything you need for an extravagant getaway. From suites that feature four-poster beds and fireplaces to the infinity pool with surreal views of the mountains, all you have to do is pack your bags and cozy up with a loved one and watch the fire flicker.

Where East meets West

If you want to be truly in a different universe, then open your map, find Ninh Thuan Province, in Vietnam, book your ticket and embark on the eastern version of luxury. The place you definitely need to stay is Amanoi, which is the most recent addition to the Aman resort family and is located in the majestic Nui Chua National Park. From here you have a clear view of the rolling hills and the South China Sea. Now, when it comes to the very resort, it features modern and contemporary elements interwoven with traditional Vietnamese touches. From their curving roofs peeping above the tree-line to their latticed windows and discreet natural materials, Amanoi’s Pavilions and Villas are virtually one with nature. With access to the full range of Vietnamese spa treatments available at Amanoi’s Spa Houses, you won’t feel like you’re in an exotic country, you’ll feel like you’ve transcended into a different universe.


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