Fabulous 90s Trends that Made a Huge Comeback

When you think of the 90s, what is the first thing that comes across your mind? Are that crop tops, or maybe choker necklaces, or loads of denim? If that’s any of these three, you definitely mean business when it comes to fashion. On the other hand, if you aren’t really sure – don’t worry. Just stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn about five fabulous 90’s trends that made a huge comeback!

Menswear inspired suits

If you remember Julia Roberts’ flawless 1990 Golden Globe look, you know what we’re talking about. This woman looks stunning whatever she wears, and the fact is that she looked smokin’ hot in an oversized menswear inspired suit when she accepted her Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in ‘Steel Magnolia’. Such suits made a huge comeback these days, but with a little twist – they are much more feminine and figure-flattering, and fashionistas like Olivia Palermo love to rock it. That shouldn’t be surprising at all, since this piece really accentuates all the attributes without showing too much skin!

The inevitable choker necklaces

Can we just slow down for a second to appreciate inevitable choker necklaces, a trend that was so major back in the 90s? Even though this piece of jewellery is considered to be tacky and tasteless by many, the fact is that there’s something special about it that makes it worth all the hype. Millions of girls from all over the globe wore it two decades ago, and girls of the same age wear it now, and you know what? There’s nothing bad about that! Chokers are really versatile, and they can be worn in both casual and glamorous occasions – depending on their own design.

Goth looks on point

The goth vibe was a huge thing in the 90s, and the truth is that this trend is also a great hit even today. Black is the dominant shade, which isn’t strange at all, and there is also a lot of lace and unusual prints which perfectly match the overall theme. Girls who love this way of dressing often say that it isn’t just a trend, but more of a lifestyle, and we can’t agree more. So, if you want to shop for women’s gothic clothing but aren’t sure what to do, just pick black and you won’t make a mistake!

Denim, denim everywhere

Denim will probably never go out of style, and why would it? This fabric is so versatile and wearable, which is exactly why people from all over the globe went completely crazy about it. Everyone is raving about denim jumpers and overalls these days, and these two pieces were popular exactly in the 90s. Lovely denim dresses were adored by many girls back then; however, the silhouette became much sexier these days. Mini skirts and dresses are also a thing, and you definitely won’t go wrong if you pick one for yourself!

Crop tops are an absolute must

Is there anything that describes the 90s better than a crop top? We don’t think so! This is probably one of the best legacies handed down to us from this marvellous decade, and we gladly wear it no matter the occasion. Girls often combine it with skinny jeans or denim shorts in a casual outfit, whereas glamorous events require a bit more formal pieces and designs. A pencil skirt perfectly matches a crop top, too, so you can always opt for that combo if you want to look dressier than usual.


Each of these five pieces is truly unique and typical of the 90s, but that doesn’t mean we can wear them even today, in 2017. Girls from all across the world absolutely adore them for a good reason, which is exactly what makes them so popular and worn by many. If you still don’t have at least one of these, what are you waiting for?

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