Keeping Focus: The Key To Achieving Fitness Goals

How many times have you heard the phrase, “you just need to focus?.” This statement has been recycled in many different forms, but they all have the same basic point.

Keeping Focus is a key factor in achieving your goals. This can be a short-term or long-term goal, everything from passing a test to losing weight. But, losing focus is one of the main reason people have difficulty reaching their aims.

It can also be a reason they fail to keep making progress after their initial goal has been achieved. So, maintaining your focus and concentration is key to success in any field.

But, when pressed, many people can have difficulty pinning down what exactly focus is.

In simple terms, focus is the ability to place your attention on a certain thing, such as a goal. Concentration is the ability to maintain the intensity of this attention despite many distractions.

Seeing the above definitions, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as to why these are key factors in success. Now the question is that of how you can improve these factors.

While many have experimented with medication like Ritalin, your nutrition and physical activity may provide a great, and side effect free, alternative. So, we decided to put together this article on the best natural remedies for focus and concentration.

Below, we list some of the best and most holistic means of boosting focus and concentration. This can help keep you from drifting from your goals and allow you to keep making progress.

Natural Remedies For Focus And Concentration

When mentioning natural remedies, many people think of herbs and tea. They also think of old recipes and something to help you get better from the flu. But, a natural remedy is just a way you can get a certain benefit without relying on drugs or medical procedures.

So, a natural remedy could include exercise, drinks, foods, or certain lifestyle changes. Unsurprisingly, some of the above are included in our list of things that will help your focus and concentration.

Also, many of these remedies will also help improve your health and boost your metabolism. This gives them a further edge over their synthetic counterparts. It also makes it an easy choice when looking to boost focus and productivity naturally.


This inclusion will come as no surprise to the millions who use it for their early morning kick-start. But, the caffeine in coffee is one of the most effective nutrients ever studied for improving focus. It also shows the ability to improve performance in lots of different tasks, both physical and mental.

So, for one of the most effective natural remedies for focus and concentration, kiss the coffee bean.

Aerobic Exercise

Dr. Roger Bannister, Alan Turing, and Richard Feynman. All listed as among the most intelligent men in history. But, why are they listed here?

Because all of them were avid runners or cyclists. This may not seem like much proof at first. But, many studies have shown that aerobic exercise helps improve focus and performance in different mental tasks.

These have included tasks requiring high level of focus and concentration. So, getting in a morning jog or fitness class may do more than just help you look better and get healthier.

Timing any big project or job directly after you exercise is also a neat way of boosting productivity.

The reason behind this boost is the window of higher mental work capacity you have after a training session. Much like in business, timing is everything when it comes to productivity.

Green Tea

This is another famous drink, particularly among those looking to improve their health. But, the caffeine, theanine, and catechins in green tea may do more than help you burn fat.

Studies have shown green tea to help improve focus and awareness. It also has a gentler effect on the body and doesn’t disrupt sleep as much as coffee. So, for a range of physical and mental health benefits, green tea is a must for a good diet.

Getting More Sleep

According to AARP, sleep deprivation is on the rise. Today’s generation is getting one to two hours sleep less a night than we did in the past. Could you be human development, light pollution, smart screens or all the above? Getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night is not only associated with poor physical health, but also with a sharp drop in mental performance.

This includes loss of focus and concentration, as well as a poorer memory and ability to handle complex tasks. So, those looking to improve their focus and concentration should aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

Restricting Food Intake (Temporarily)

This is likely the most controversial inclusion on the list. But, food restriction has been shown to sustain cognitive performance.

This effect is likely due to the bodies response to focus on finding food. Furthermore, this primal instinct can be used to improve productivity. It’s also one of the reasons many people praise the Intermittent Fasting diets, a/k/a an eating pattern diet.

So, using protocols like intermittent fasting, or saving a big meal for after you’re done working on a big project could help boost focus.

– Sonya Matejko

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