Featured Couple Alston Drummond and Shekinah Robinson #25

Photo Credit: Lee Smith/Smitha Lee Photography

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I am Shekinah Robinson (Charleston, SC) and my husband’s name is Alston Drummond (Spartanburg, SC). We recently married on May 26, 2017, at The River Road and Jasmine Houses and Gardens in Irmo, South Carolina. We live in Greenville, SC where I am working as a registered nurse and he is an electrical engineer.

How did you meet?

We met on Facebook, actually, in the Fall of 2011. I was planning an annual event for my chapter in college and his chapter agreed to participate. We met in person in November 2011. When the event was over I did not expect to hear from him again, but he texted me “Happy Thanksgiving” on Thanksgiving Day. From there, we started to get to know each other.

Photo Credit: Lee Smith/Smitha Lee Photography

Describe the moment you knew you belonged together.

The moment we knew we belonged together was after graduation and I had to move back home to Charleston, SC. We said our goodbyes and that’s when we knew we were not meant to be apart. While we were in college, we spent a lot of time together… so much until people thought he attended the college I went to, although he was a student at the neighboring college.

What makes your relationship work?

Trust, communication, and laughs are what makes our relationship work. During the majority of our relationship, we lived about 4 hours apart. So in order to make us work, we had to trust each other, learn how to communicate effectively and share many laughs together.

Photo Credit: Lee Smith/Smitha Lee Photography

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Shekinah: I love his laugh. His laugh makes me laugh.
Alston: Her versatility. She can handle herself in any situation.

Photo Credit: Lee Smith/Smitha Lee Photography

Tell us about your funniest moment together.

Our funniest moment together was when I almost messed up Alston’s proposal to me. He planned a beautiful marriage proposal at Strawberry Hill in Chesnee, SC. There was a pumpkin covered in hay and I was supposed to uncover it. Well, I walked past it and Alston guided me back to it. I thought the pumpkin was dead because I saw a gray stem. Alston grabbed my hand and continued to uncover the pumpkin. Once it was uncovered and I glanced at it, I told him the pumpkin belonged to someone else and that’s why it was covered. When I turned around, Alston was on his knee. Then, I looked back at the pumpkin and it said, “Shekinah, will you marry me?” Obviously, I said yes. That was one of our funniest moments together.


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