The Best Guide to Accessories for Women

A cheeky pair of earrings or that delicious Fedora can make or break an entire outfit. That’s why ladies who love their style find it equally challenging to pick the right add-ons as to assemble the core outfit.

This godsend of a list will serve you as your accessorizing bible when it comes to adorning yourself with the right details that will end up stealing the spotlight!

Back to basic – keep it clean!

With our busy bee lives, many crucial details end up overlooked for the sake of a flashier, more prominent accessory. No fancy combo along with a fabulous purse can bring out your true beauty if you fail to keep your hair, nails and smile clean.

Pluck, polish and cleanse, but make sure your hairdo is neat and clean, your nails don’t even have to be colored if they’re well-filed, and keep those pesky facial hairs under control. A well-groomed gal in a plain white tee and jeans will always win with her pearly white smile – that’s your most precious accessory!

Think in colors

Sure, your little black dress will forever be the top choice for any occasion, but even a formal business conference or a cocktail evening with clients allows for versatility of your palette. Think outside of the box and dare venture into those perky pinks, neon greens and bold reds when it comes to any add-on – from head to toe, you have plenty of wiggle room for imagination.

Adorn your feet with a pair of juicy cherry high heels, your wrists with layered bracelets, a belt of a contrasting shade, or a flowy scarf with an interesting animal print. By no means should you mix and match all of these into an accessory fiasco, but find your most appealing items that complement your persona while giving your dress a nice touch of diversity, and you’re good to go.

What makes you tick?

Well, the perfect timepiece can be your only accessory, or your dominant one, to achieve that much-yearned effortless look. The next time you visit the watch shop, look for an item that resonates with your character and that will easily serve you as your trusty style-booster every time you walk out the door.

This season’s trends encourage you to look for something that you’d find in your boyfriend’s closet – such as a minimalistic Seiko Presage, or a macho Emporio Armani. But if you’d rather stick with the feminine options, anything from a delicate rose to a classic tan with a silver finish will serve you for years to come.

Baubles everywhere!

When you don’t have the time or the patience to spend a few hours trying on various combos, rest assured that a pair of well-selected earrings, or a statement necklace can do all the talking for you. And while it’s always good to have choices, in addition to those quirky items that only go with a boho dress or a glamorous glitzy blouse, have at least one of each jewelry items that are timeless.

A subtle silver ring with a curious curve and a black detail, a pendant necklace, a line of pearls, and those inconspicuous yet incredibly sophisticated stud earrings will all work well with either your casual professional attire, or even your evening outfit. But always keep your eyes open for a fun element in style, such as those tassel mismatched earrings or layered multi-color bracelets.

The secret is in the bag

Ah, the elusive concept of a woman’s purse, the sacred territory to which no man ever wanders willingly! It can be as tiny as a wallet or as large as a travel bag, yet it serves so many purposes, all the way from carrying your everyday items to elevating your chosen look.

Cross-body, baggy, leather, or wicker, the trends seem to change frequently, leaving us in dire need for another stylish bag. Where else would you put your aviators, your elegant wallet or your lipstick? Tote bags and clutch purses are always in, so make sure you have an option for your casual daily errands and one for classier outings.

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