Easy and Chic Ways to Master Minimalism

Among numerous trends that are alive and well in the fashion scene, minimalism seems to be the reigning one, or at least it’s aspiring to be. There could be numerous reasons for the resurgence of this longstanding fashion movement, recession probably being one of the key ones. Regardless of the reasons, the revival of the trend took the world by a storm ever since Céline’s Phoebe Philo stepped onto the scene and changed the face of minimalism. Still, it should be noted that minimalism is far from mere simplicity; the pieces may appear simple and effortless, but don’t be fooled – an enormous amount of craftsmanship goes into creating these garments. Having said all that, our goal today isn’t to discuss and unveil the entire history and philosophy of minimalism, but to help you on your journey towards achieving it, so, without further ado – here is your ultimate minimalism guide.

Clean and clear

One of the prerequisites for achieving minimalism is saying goodbye to certain (numerous) garments. The idea that ‘less is more’ holds more meanings than one, especially when it comes to committing to this fashion movement, and in this case, the meaning is quite literal. You absolutely need to get rid of all the pieces hanging in your closet that are either too busy, difficult to combine with other things you own and are ‘trendy’ without having an everlasting quality to them. Other garments that must go are the ones that don’t quite fit and also those that come in loud colors and prints, peculiar and unflattering cuts and low-quality fabrics. The point of this cleanse is to make room in your closet by keeping only the crème de la crème and toss out the rest. The point is in quality, not quantity.

Matters of shades

The only shades and hues that should be gracing your closet at this point are black, white, gray, navy and beige – in short, neutrals and non-colors. Aside from minimal amounts of clothes, minimalism is about simplicity and timeless elegance, and one of the ways to achieve that is by choosing colors that are doubtlessly chic, easy to combine, work well together and ooze sophistication.

Cut and fabric

Once you’ve removed all the aforementioned garments from your closet, you might discover that you’re left with very few items. This is the time to go shopping and for a minimalist neophyte, pieces from Oskar The Label might be the perfect place to start. These pieces have everything you should be looking for – simple hues, quality fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship and above all else, cuts that will look flattering and do your figure justice. When the emphasis is no longer on the amount of clothes you own, it inevitably shifts to the quality, and that’s how it always should be. It’s always smarter to invest in high-quality garments made from natural and durable fabrics that you will wear for years to come than to change your entire wardrobe every year.

What to buy?

When building your minimalist wardrobe from scratch, there are certain items that aren’t only indispensable but also inspirational; once you get the hang of things, you’ll be able to shop without external guidance and only bear in mind the essential pieces you own and how prospective new ones fit into the picture. So, the garments you want to start with are T-shirts in neutral tones, an oversized sweater, ripped jeans, a leather jacket, simple sneakers, black ankle boots and black pumps, as well as dark high-waisted jeans, a classic trench coat, and a white button-down shirt.

The little black dress is, of course, mandatory as are classic black pants, a stylish black shoulder bag (solid and with clearly defined lines), and perhaps a simple white jumpsuit. Once you’ve got these pieces in your wardrobe arsenal, just build around them. When you see an item you like, ask yourself these questions: Is it the right color? Is it a flattering cut? What about the fabric? What would I wear this with? If you have positive answers to these questions you have the clearance and approval to purchase the item in question. Good luck!


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