GBoogie talks to Pastor Troy about his new album, his role in Atlanta music and ending old beefs.

I had a great opportunity to interview Atlanta legend Pastor Troy for Southern Laced. It was great to talk to someone so instrumental in the growth of Atlanta as a music mecca. Check out our great conversation and a preview of his upcoming project, O.G.P.T., below.


Q: What does your album title O.G.P.T. stand for?

B.G. stands for Baby Gangster. O.G. stands for Original Gangsta. So I feel like I’m officially O.G. status.

Q: What’s the most meaningful part of your new tour? 

That people feel like I’m worthy of the company I’m in… like Trick Daddy, Mystikal and Juvenile.

Q: How important is it for you to be able to connect with your fans? 

It’s a beautiful thing to just feel like I have a family in each state. It’s very important.

Q: What new rappers do you like? 

I like giving everyone’s music a chance. I remember when my music was changing the scene. So I don’t down any of them.

Q: I like your new song “In Atlanta”. Why do you think Atlanta has been able to have such a hold on the music industry with new artists? And do you feel partially responsible?

I think we built the music scene. From Outkast and Goodie Mob… My movement was the next movement. Then, behind me came Luda and T.I.P. and Jeezy.  It’s hard to tear that foundation down. Brick on top of brick…

Q: I know you like all kinds of music outside of Hip Hop, including rock. What inspired that? 

I was a baseball player growing up. The white boys I played with would listen to Nirvana and other stuff. When I started rapping, a lot of rock music was incorporated into my music. It’s about the energy to me.

I have a rock album that will drop later this year.  My brother put together a live band (DSGB band) that I perform with. They have me sounding like Prince!

Q: What inspired your show DSGB radio? 

Radio is a natural transition. I like giving independent artists a chance to shine.

Q: How does it feel to have a huge song like “We Ready”? It impacts so many games, parties, etc.

Guess where I wrote “We Ready”? In church… That’s the first song I ever recorded in the studio and it’s infamous. God anointed that song.

Q: What is your legacy? And who would you like to collaborate with? 

My legacy is (being) an independent artist with no major label support and making my music for Georgia. I really would like to do a song with Master P. Everyone knows our history; with me dissing him. We still have tension until I have to watch… I shouldn’t have to live like this from (something) over 20 years ago.

Q: Do you think artists should sign with major labels now?

It’s different strokes for different folks. It’s about what you need. If I’m on a 500,000 level with y’all, we are never gonna have a million dollar situation because y’all know where I’m at. When I left Universal, they gave $5 million to Nelly for selling 10 million records. That’s like $80 million they’re making and he got $5 million. Hell naw!

Q: What do you have coming up? 

I shot a movie (Down to Come Up) with Shawty Lo before he passed. It’s gonna drop around the time of his passing.


The Legends of Hip Hop show was in Charlotte, NC; Jackson, MS; Little Rock, AZ; Nashville, TN; Jacksonville, FL and; Savannah, GA. And now, Atlanta, GA!

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