Interview: GBoogie talks to Trick Daddy about his controversial IG comments, his duet album with Trina, Jay-Z’s new album 4:44 and how Polo is actually worse than Hilfiger

Southern Laced gave me an opportunity to talk to Miami’s own Trick Daddy Dollars. Now that he’s officially a legend in the rap game, he’s looking forward to new ventures like the new restaurant he’s opening. But that doesn’t mean the music is stopping anytime soon. He’s got a new collaborative album with Trina on the way, which I’m sure is a long overdue dream come true for both of the artists’ fans.

One thing I can honestly say about Trick Daddy is that even in interviews, he’s the same person that you hear on his records and see on Instagram… raw, opinionated and blunt.


GBoogie: First, I wanna give you props for the song Thug Holiday that you did with a hometown legend in my city… David Banner.

Me and David Banner got a real bond. He’s a good writer and a personal friend of mine.

Q: In retrospect to the controversy of your comments on Instagram, do you regret it? 

I don’t have to apologize to black women because they work and are at home taking care of their kids. As far as h–s are concerned,  I don’t because I was only telling the truth. When I was growing up, women aspired to be teachers and wives. These new era women, h–s, thots or whatever you want to call them… I don’t know. Everybody knows that fast little girls turn into slow women.

Ninety-nine percent of the women that had something to say about what I said, didn’t hear what I actually said. People based their comments on what the next person thought about it, instead of what I actually said.

Nowadays, women are all wearing the same costume. Everyone got the same outfits, eyelashes, -ss, thighs etc. Back in the day, you could tell women apart.

Q: What’s up with the new music that you and Trina are doing? 

She’s doing half of the album and I’m doing the other half.  It’s gonna be the good, bad and the ugly on there.

Q: Tell us about the new restaurant you’re opening. 

T Double Delicious…  I’m going to do the county delicacies like the Hog Maws, Pork Souse,  Conch Fritters and Conch Salad. I got a menu that’s called a Poor Man’s Menu and a lot of specials.  We got Mahi Mahi, grits with salt and pepper, Salmon Croquette, smothered ribs… Everything is very multicultural in South Florida. So it’s gonna reflect that.

Q: When is the album with Trina coming out? 

It’s called TNT… Trick and Trina. She doesn’t wanna be the baddest b–ch anymore. She just wants to be cuter and more mature.

I told her, “Tyler Perry will always be Madea. Caitlyn will always be Bruce. Trina, you the baddest b–ch.”

(Smooth Sailing will be available everywhere on July 28th.)

Q: Many of your fans know that you were diagnosed with Lupus. Because you weren’t really taking prescription medication you placed yourself on the “Ghetto Diet”… Booty, Pussy, and Pork. Are you still on that? 

I’m not eating no more p—y. I’m sucking p—-y now and feeling more healthy these days.

The side effects (of prescriptions) are more dangerous than the symptoms. So they can keep that. Give me the Lupus and I’ll deal with that!

We are so far behind with cures. Our country is a big business that feeds off the treatment. They feed off of us doing bad in some type of way.

Q: As someone who definitely creates discussions on social media, what do you think about how the game has changed because of things like Instagram? And what’s the biggest advantage and disadvantage for artists now as opposed to how things were before social media?   

There are less hits and less legends. When I go to my mailbox, I’m getting paid from hit records, movies, single sales, etc. It’s wonderful for people that want to be entertainers. It’s harder for people that inspire as entertainers.


Back in the day, when we got on the stage and finished performing, we left with more fans. New rappers leave disappointed. Everybody drug dealers and killers (in their songs), which is why Kendrick Lamar is necessary right now. He’s the few of many that has his own point in rap.

Growing up, I listened to NWA, 2 Live Crew, etc. Today, new rappers will tell you 2Pac is old school. Or, they’ll say you’re an Ole Kool.

Q: Do you still have love for the kids? Are there any programs you’re working on in the community? 

Well, I helped put the football team from my old high school together and they won the championship. There will never be a time I can say that Trick don’t love the kids no more.

Q: Will you be on Love & Hip Hop Miami?

I don’t know. If you talk about it before they tell you to, you will get sued. Just imagine if I am…

Q: Where do you see Hip Hop in the next 10 years?

I’m so scared to think about it. Everyone wants to “secure the bag” but no one wants to secure Hip Hop. I think all the collabs hurt Hip Hop. Everything don’t go together. I couldn’t see Chris Brown touring with 2Pac. That don’t go together. A lot of people forcing things that don’t go together.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with? 

My new favorite rappers are Tee Grizzley and the Migos.


Q: I know you influenced Jeezy a lot. How does it feel to influence other greats? 

It’s a blessing because it let me know all my hard work and ambitions are coming true. I was inspired by artists before me. I appreciate them even paying attention to me. My problem is with dudes that don’t pay homage. You don’t have to say my name to pay homage. You can pay homage by doing a song that I love. You can pay homage by listening to a song that I made. These new rappers don’t look up to us as much.

Q: What did you think of the new Jay-Z album? 

I heard 50 Cent’s comments. He’s comical and has no filter.  At the same time, I agree with a lot of what he had to say. What I don’t like is these new n—–s. I don’t think we should just let in. I’m not letting my son watch these n—–s with blonde hair, who paint they nails and wear skinny jeans.

Jay-Z’s album ain’t for the young dudes because they are bandwagoners. Every week these kids have a new favorite. What he’s talking about isn’t for the dudes in the club that smoke weed and jump up and down.

It was necessary for him to do an album based on facts… based on the autobiographer.  I wasn’t crazy about that production.

Q: On the song “Nann”,  you mentioned the clothing brand Polo. What drew you to that particular brand?

Polo was our Gucci, Louis… When I first started wearing that (Polo)  was when I started selling crack and cocaine. Carlton was killing that sh!t on the Fresh Prince! That made me want to wear it. Polo was the s–t in every hood.

After I got big, I met someone from Polo. I asked him could I get stuff before everyone else. He told me to give him my number.  Once he called, he said we don’t need rappers to promote it. He didn’t want me to mention Polo in my music. So I told them to kiss my -ss.

Everybody talking about Tommy Hilfiger was racist, Polo was worse.

GBoogie: Damn! I got Polo on. Now, I’m kind of feeling some type of way about it with what you just told me. 

Well, it might not have been the big people at Polo… I don’t know. I brought a lot of things on myself, but it was all good.

Q: Do you think female rappers still need to come out with a click? 

I think they need to come out with a man. I think it’s better for a man and woman to come out together, bond and get money. With the exception of Trina, Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim are my two favorite female rappers.

The Legends of Hip Hop show was in Charlotte, NC; Jackson, MS; Little Rock, AZ; Nashville, TN; Jacksonville, FL and; Savannah, GA. And now, Atlanta, GA!

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    Dope Interview ❤

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