Let’s Slide Into Summer!

Let’s try this… no buckles, ties or even ankle straps during this Summer! Therefore, what you decide to wear on your feet should not be a complicated part of your wardrobe. There are tons of slides to choose from.

FYI: Shower slides aren’t just for baths and athletes. Sometimes being simple is the key to completing your wardrobe. With the right attire, Birkenstock Mayari style slides are totally appropriate for work or even a date. If you’re looking for a sporty look that’s also chic, pick up a pair of Tory Burch gem-and-pearl studied style leather slides. Dress up your white v-neck top and distressed jeans with Rebecca Minkoff’s metallic foiled silver studded flats, or have a little fun with colorful sequins on your feet. It’s summer, right? Go have some fun!

Check out these slides below so you TOO can be stylish for the summer season.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. quinncove says:

    Love this! ❤️

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