Fashionistas Wardrobe Secrets

Some of the today’s biggest fashion influencers are just ordinary people who, thanks to the wonders of the modern age and the technology, managed to make an impact on the world of fashion. Their unique take on style set them off from the rest, allowing them to shape the upcoming trends and the fresh new looks, making their voices equally powerful as the ones coming from the top.

These new fashion authorities tend to inspire women everywhere by helping them discover how to use some essential items in order to achieve that look of timeless, seemingly effortless elegance we all so desperately strive for.

So, straight from the source, here are a couple of must-have pieces which will make that quest much easier:

A Leather Jacket


The classic black leather jacket is the most important part of a modern streetwear. Suitable for every season, this is an item which completes every look, casual or formal. It is also perfect for layering and super versatile, available in a number of different  style forms. That is why you should never have a problem investing in a timeless piece like this. Instead of opting for the cheaper “pleather” version, decide on a real thing and you’ll be able to enjoy it for decades.

Ripped Jeans


As already seen, ripped jeans have been making a comeback over and over again, so it’s safe to say that they should be a part of your everyday fashion routine. These worn-out looking jeans have become a synonym for the freedom of endless combinations, allowing themselves to be combined with chic accessories when dressing for a night out or just regular flip flops when going for a stroll down the beach.  

A perfect pair of heels


The value of wearing a good pair of high heels is simply priceless. A quality pair of black pumps, for example, have a tendency to bring the best out of every combination. Just follow the current trend amongst supermodels and pair your heels up with a simple hoodie or a tracksuit. With every type of heels being available in every color imaginable, you won’t have a problem expressing yourself in a unique and original way.

A colorful cover-up

No spring or summer is complete without a multicolored kaftan which brings out that bohemian spirit in each and every one of us. This is one item of clothing which is completely self-sufficient and requires no additional help in looking fabulous. If you’re preparing for a holiday, then this is a must have. Look up kaftans online in many different styles and print schemes. Opting for any of these top-quality designer pieces will help you achieve that movie style look you’ve always dreamed of. 

The Little Black Dress


When it comes to the little black dress, everyone is on the same page – it’s a must have!

A favorite clothing item for every fashionista in the world, LBD is definitely here to stay. It’s simple and minimalistic, proving time and time again that tasteful less is always more. So when it comes to choosing the right model for yourself, make sure you pick a piece that will flatter your curves and follow your body lines. Combined with simple makeup and essential accessories such as a letter purse and bold high heels, this timeless little clothing item will always be your special occasion go to.

Fortunately, we live in the time when everything is one click away, so when in doubt, consult some of your favorite fashion experts, learn from what they have to say and make it work for you. Always stay informed and keep looking for inspiration. Maybe one day, you’ll become a fashion role model someone will look up to.

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