Glamorous Brides

As much as we are experiencing the rise of the ‘groomzilla’ phenomenon, let’s tell it like it is; no matter how gorgeous the groom looks, the bridal beauty still has years of dominance ahead of her. After all, she is the one making a grand entrance; she is the one with perfect hair and makeup, the one carrying the flowers while floating down the aisle in a gorgeous gown. She is the one who everyone waits for, the one whom all the guests at the ceremony stand up for. So, in order to keep the centuries-old tradition of all eyes on the bride alive for much longer, it is time you read up and then glam up, so your bridal beauty can shine and be unmatched by anything surrounding you.

The statement bride

A truly glamorous bride will always go with a strapless ballgown, otherwise known as the “fairy tale” dress. This type of dress features an embroidered fitted bodice, flares at the waist with a full skirt. Ideal for most body types but looks great on pears since it hides the lower body. Aside from its flattering form, this is an ostentatious gown that will ensure all eyes are on you and the wow effect is through the roof. This type of dress is best complemented with a noticeable statement necklace – no need for subtlety here.

The shoes are barely visible, so this isn’t a segment of the bridal outfit that you should be too concerned with, and so your best bet is comfortable and stylish ivory or silver pumps. As for hair, there are few hairstyles more glamorous than the Old Hollywood waves that perfectly complement a strapless gown. In the spirit of old glamor, flawless makeup entails that perfect shade of red lipstick and subtle but effective eyes.

Sleek and sexy  

If you love your curves and want to show them off in full glory on this day, the siren cut is definitely your dream choice. This dress hugs the body perfectly and accentuates your every curve, ideal for slender frames and hourglass body types. As this is a fitted dress that, although glamorous, does pose certain constraints in terms of movement, you need something in a block heel to provide that extra touch of security.

Block heel sandals don’t have to be dull, especially if you stray away from the traditional bridal colors and go with something bolder, like royal blue. This way not only will you have an awe-worthy shoe, but you’re also covered in ’the something blue’ department.  This kind of outfit calls for a relaxed updo, with a few strands of hair surrounding your face in that effortless manner. The makeup should be subtle, so turn to nudes and warm tones. For an additional touch of glamor, always turn to hair accessories. Their sole purpose is to elevate the hairstyle and add that extra touch of sparkle.

The playful goddess

Not every bride wants to wear a full-length dress, but length has nothing to do with the level of glamor. You can look absolutely stunning in a tea-length wedding dress that is perfect for all body types. It can be sleeveless or even backless; it looks gorgeous in every variety. One of the best elements of this cut is that it’s playful and allows you to move freely. However, by far the best part is the fact that this length allows you to get creative with your choice of wedding shoes because they are actually visible and showcased in their full glory.

Don’t be afraid to go overboard a little bit in this case – embrace sparkles, peculiar shapes and glitter. A sleek tight bun is definitely the most flattering hairstyle to go with this style, followed by strings of pearls. You can be subtle and sophisticated with one string of pearls or go big with an abundance of them for a true wow effect. Hot pink lips will give you that pop of color and drama with this dress. Minimal makeup on the eyes, and you’re done, a true playful vision.

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