Relationship Goals: 5 NBA Couples We Love

Of all the Instagram celebrities some of the most beloved couples online are NBA couples. That’s right, famous NBA basketball players who are married and post a lot about their private lives on Instagram, which just happen to showcase their beautiful wives.

There is so much action on Instagram that these guys post, that it’s easy to take some insight from their behaviors and make your own relationship goals based on how they act with their wives. Some are good examples and some are not so good, but it’s all out there for everyone to see, and so they become some of the most interesting couples to follow and watch as the drama and excitement around their relationships unravels.

Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony)

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Best date ever!!! #HamiltonOnBroadway #StayMe7o

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Carmelo Anthony is one very popular guy, with one of the largest profiles an athlete could have online, and it’s not just in the NBA, but sports overall. His Instagram is full of awesome pics that show what kind of life an athlete leads, alongside what happened with his beautiful wife, Lala Anthony, who he cheated on and now is divorcing from. Their story is a sordid one and it’s definitely not something to emulate relationship-wise, worth perusing to find out what happens next.

Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant)

Another NBA star and athlete who many people love to follow online is Kobe, he is a bigger than life figure who has a beautiful wife name Vanessa on whom he also got caught cheating on. The only thing was that she forgave him, and received a famous pink diamond ring because of it. With adultery long behind them, Kobe and Vanessa are now the proud parents of three children whom they dote on, and they show how a couple can get through adversity and thrive.

Dwyane Wade (@dwyanewade)

This hot star from the Miami heat has a gorgeous wife too, a very successful and well-off actress named Gabrielle Union. She is a star in her own right and this power couple has an amazing lifestyle, as he is the loving father of two kids and shows how he flourishes his love and attention on his family. After winning three championships he’s mellowed out and his relationship of equals with his wife is one to be inspired from.

Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30)

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Back in the bay with my baby

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Just coming off a NBA championship he is a gorgeous and well loved star who has an equally gorgeous wife named Ayesha (who’s published cookbook author), who he loves and supports, and though there has been controversy over her public comments and support of her husband during more challenging times, when he lost in the NBA finals against LeBron James, they are a perfect example of what a strong and devoted should look like, and how they have each other’s back.

Nick Young (@swaggyp1)

Another not so good example of what happens when you cheat, Nick was just about to marry the renowned music star, Iggy Azalea when he was caught on a video made by a teammate saying he cheats on his girl Iggy all the time, and doesn’t care what she thinks and if he gets caught. When that video got leaked, it went viral and sealed Iggy and Nick’s fate. Now broken up, they are the perfect lesson in the consequences of infidelity.


So take your pick of NBA couples who are Instagram celebrities to compare your relationship goals by.

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