Upcoming Artist Alert: TrayDiesel And KD $alsa 

I had the opportunity to sit down with two upcoming artist, from Jackson, Mississippi. TrayDiesel and KD $alsa are working on a project together entitled, “Out the Mud”, that drops June 17,2017. It will be available on Spinrilla everywhere.

Here is my exclusive interview with TrayDiesel and KD $alsa:

Santana: Where did you guys get your names from?

TrayD: My cousin-in-law would call me Diesel when I was a kid. So I just stuck with it and added my name, Tray, in front of it.

KD: Well, KD is my first and middle initials. Because I felt that it was too plain (by itself), I added $alsa to it. 

Santana: Just add a little salsa… nothing wrong with that! It’s good that both of you are from Jackson because there are a lot of upcoming artist here. I always ask artist, who I have spoken with, what’s their passion? What made you want to start doing music? 

TrayD: It’s just fun to me. I just love music. Music is like an anthem and I like doing it. 

Santana: I know behind the passion there comes struggles. I know upcoming artist have the most issues… especially with building a fan base and getting your music out. You know you have people who hate on you because you want to be a rapper. You know how they say, “Oh…everyone in Jackson wanna be a rapper”, just like all these girls wanna be models. Besides all of that, what made you guys want to do a project together and what’s the name of it? Also, what can we expect from it?

KD:  A mixture of everything. Our personalities and describing our environment. 

Santana: With the project, a mix of both personalities, I believe that would be something that’s surprising to me because right now you guys are acting extremely shy (laughs). Speaking of personalities, how do your songs individually describe you? 

TrayD: Some are about what I go through, what I see and what I like to do. You get to learn a lot about me through my music.

Santana: How is your support system? 

KD: Mostly… like family is not so fond of the decision to go into music.

TrayD: Yeah, but we make a way to keep doing what we do because this is what we plan on doing for the rest of our life. As our career. 

Santana: Lastly, what keeps you guys motivated going towards your career in the music industry?

TrayD: Just being able to get my music out there for people to hear and to know they are rocking with what I put out. In the future, I plan to get signed and move to Texas. As of right now, I just want to be an independent artist and build from there. 

You can find TrayDiesel and KD $alsa’s music and social media by clicking the links below:

Instagram: 1TrayD & _K33fy

Twitter: 1TrayD_ & Kd_AFB

SoundCloud: Tray Diesel and KD $alsa

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