Meet Upcoming Artist: King Courtt

Today, I had the opportunity to have a face to face interview with upcoming artist King Courtt and I would have to say he is nothing like any other artist that I have spoken with in the past. King Courtt is something special. He’s not just about music. He truly believes in giving back to the poor and homeless. He also makes it a point to teach children about music. I can really see him going far in the music industry.

His new single, “Coming 4 You”, which is now available on SoundCloud, has received a lot of positive feedback from his audience. 

Here’s my exclusive interview with King Courtt:

Santana: What made you want to start your career in music?

KC: I knew someone on a personal level who wanted me to pursue a career in music, but I wasn’t exactly serious about it. I wanted to do fashion and my comedy skits on Instagram. 

As I got older, I dealt with a lot of different experiences in my life and I needed something to that would help me release all of these emotions.  So that’s when I finally turned to music and I’m more serious about it now than I was before.

Santana: Okay, when we talk about your music, do you consider yourself an R&B artist? Do you plan on switching over to different genres or will you stick to just one?

KC: I don’t really want to label myself as just one kind of artist. I feel like I could do any genre of music. That’s something different about me.Even  though I know I just started, I still want to have everyone feeling my music on a personal level.

Santana: What makes your music different from any other artist that’s local in Jackson, Mississippi?

KC:  Well, I have a vision and for each song that I make will have a story behind it. It will have a meaning. It’s something that can relate to someone who has or is dealing with relationships or life. With my single, it speaks about how guys who mess up and leave their girls. After it’s too late they try to go back and get her. 

In the future, I will be releasing other songs that don’t relate to love.

Santana: I am a visionary person myself. So as for your videos, what will be different from other upcoming artist?

KC: My videos will have a storyline that goes with the songs. Because of my  background in acting, it will be something that will catch everyone’s eye. With my style and the team that I have, it will be something worth looking at. I hope to see that it will appeal to everyone.

Santana: How do you feel about the support system in Jackson, Mississippi?

KC: It’s bad! Like everyone wants to be like other states, who are actually supportive of their local artist. Even if their work isn’t good enough, they will still support it. It’s crazy that we have to go out of state to receive support instead of our own. We have a lot of talented artist here. If everyone wasn’t supportive of just the popular artist, then maybe we would have a great support system. That’s the thing about radios and DJs, they only play the music of non-local popular artist. It’s like they forget that the “popular” artist was once local. That’s why I’m not so much into trying to get my song on the radio. They will wait until you’re either famous or well known around the city in order for your song to get played on the radio or by these DJs.

Santana: How do you deal with the ones who are not so fond of your decision to make music?

KC: I have people who I have considered friends and I have my family who are not so fond of my decision in making music. They believe that I might not make it. They believe that I shouldn’t be doing this, but I feel that as opportunities come my way… they will show support. 

On the other hand, it might be too late. I’m a very positive person. So I really don’t allow anyone to take that (positive) way from me.

Santana: Since your single “Coming 4 You” has dropped today, what else can we expect from you?

KC: Well, I’m working on a mixtape next. I do not have a specific date for it yet. Although, I do plan on making it a summer mixtape. My manager, Alexis, is going to kill me for giving out too much information, but it is something that I am ready for everyone to hear. 

I was going to have a single release party, but I changed my mind. I actually plan on doing a mixtape release party where everyone can come dressed up and show support.

Santana: Where do you see yourself going forward in the music industry? Do you want to get signed or be an independent artist?

KC: I’m really not sure. I wouldn’t mind being independent for a minute, but I have always wanted to get signed by Atlantic Records. That has always been a dream of mine. So since I am pursuing music, I would be so happy to be apart of their company. As far as what the future holds for me, it’s in God’s hands. Which ever way he leads me, I know it’ll lead me to a great success.

You can find King Courtt’s music and social media by clicking on the links below.

Soundcloud: KingCourtt

Instagram: KingCourtt._




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