Happy Birthday, Chris Brown!

Today is another one of my favorite artist birthday… Chris Brown. I have been a Chris Brown fan since his first single “Run It” came out. I knew for a fact that he was going to be around for a very long time. He was so different and extremely talented. Even though, he’s had some downfalls in his life, his fans continue to stick by him ’til this day. No matter what he went through or how the media tried to make him out to be a bad person, no one could ever deny the talent and hard work he has put in over the years.


His vision, as far as music, videos, and performances, has always gifted us with something different. There’s no doubt that Chris Brown will leave behind a legacy.  From 16 to the age of 28, Chris has accomplished so much in his life and with his new documentary coming in theaters next month, I will most definitely be there to see it.

Here are some of my favorite Chris Brown music videos and songs…

What your favorite Chris Brown songs?



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