5 Weirdest Things People Do To Get a Whiter Smile

Everyone wants to have white and healthy teeth. When you have whiter teeth, people will have a more positive impression of you. It shows that you focus on hygiene and overall cleanliness. Whiter teeth also suggest that there are no plaque and tartar, causing bad breath.

The only thing is that there are certain individuals who have pushed it too far just to achieve white teeth. If you have the same goals, you might want to consider them too.

First on the list is using charcoal. It is weird, but charcoal has properties absorbing stain on the teeth. Charcoal is even used to absorb bad smell in a bathroom. It could have the same effect on your teeth. If you are suffering from bad smell, charcoal could be of big help.

Another option is banana peel. The fruit itself has a lot of positive effects on your health. The nutrients are even more concentrated on the peel. If used for teeth whitening, it can even be more effective. It has the ability to absorb stain and dirt from the teeth. Hence, the results are shiny and white teeth.

You might not want to give these strategies a go at first. However, if you find them weird, there are other options available. Just check the infographic below. Just be warned that all of them are weird, so you might have a hard time adjusting. If you are really serious in teeth whitening, you will take a chance.

5 Weirdest Things People Do To Get a Whiter Smile

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