In addition to Kelly Rowland’s credits as a Grammy-award winner, executive producer, and actress, she can now add being a book author to the list.

Rowland released her first book titled “Whoa, Baby! – A Guide for Young and New Mothers Who Feel overwhelmed and Freaked Out”. For her mom’s guide, she enlisted the assistance of her personal OB/GYN – Dr. Emily Tristan Bickman to be her co-author. Rowland and Dr. Bickman have worked together for more than 10 years.

In an interview with Billboard, Rowland explained that they wanted to provide an answer to what mothers should expect after their baby delivery. “Nobody explained to me what to expect mentally, physically, and emotionally,” Rowland went further to speak. “The main essence of “Whoa, Baby!” is to comfort a mother and offer her useful information of what is going on within her. Everything is covered in the book. In addition to releasing her first book, Rowland will also share news on her beauty brand “F.A.C.E: For All Created Equal”, that will be launched as soon as possible, and also her plans for her upcoming new music.

While chatting on the telephone from her Los Angeles home, Rowland opened up about the truth behind the bombs dropped in the pages of her first book.

Rowland says that the disappearance of her toned tummy was the physical change that surprised her the most. She admitted that the covers of magazine boasting trim new mothers made her body less accepting.

“I just came across a magazine cover that I did for “Shape” and then I look in the mirror going, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe this is my body. How did this come about?’ And, I kept reminding myself that, ‘Kel, you had a baby.’ But honestly, I was really hard on myself.”

Another significant body change that Rowland was not expecting was her vagina’s new look after delivery. In the book, she stated that the world’s worst idea is taking a mirror to that region of her private part.

Rowland said with a brutal honesty “Your vagina will not look the same for a very long time,”. Though one of her friends tried to convince her that the husband would not care, she protested, “How about me, I do care about it.’ We went to get it all done up, waxed it, trimmed it and it became swollen and crazy and you will just be wondering what has happened?”

During our chat with Rowland, she says that one lasting effect she finds hard to overcome is mom guilt. At the time we had the conversation, she was just returning from 2 weeks in Australia away from Titan, her two-year-old son. She was also committed to working and putting finishing touches on her other album and on an inclusive makeup line.

“I wanted the best for Titan, my son,” Rowland said, praising her husband, nannies, family and friends who are helping her in one way or the other.

“I wanted him to have the most beautiful home to live in, “I wanted him to go to the best school, I wanted him to lack nothing but I don’t want him to be a spoiled brat,” she explained.

“These are some of the things that really matter to me,” she continued, “And, for me to provide them, I and his dad got to work.”

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