Person of the Week: JWonn

I recently had a chance to talk with JWonn, one of the brightest stars on the Southern Soul Music scene. We had a great conversation and it was definitely an honor for me to able to talk to this talent after hearing his music over the airwaves for so long. His song “I Got This Record” has been hailed as a modern-day classic song that belongs in the ranks with songs by greats such as Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis, and Willie Clayton. I’ll let you listen for yourself and decide, but read below and see what interesting things he had to say.

GBoogie: What inspired you to sing in the Southern Soul genre? And how would you describe Southern Soul to someone who wasn’t familiar with it?

JWonn: Well, growing up in Mississippi I’ve always been writing those types of songs. Once you start adding that instrumentation, you’ve got Southern Soul. It’s really R&B mixed with the Blues.

GBoogie: Who are some of your musical influences?

JWonn: Sir Charles Jones and R. Kelly mainly.

GBoogie: I’m a big Kellz fan myself. What is it about his music that stuck with you?

JWonn: To me it’s just unique, he’s got his own style. He’s a genius.

GBoogie: Your song “I Got This Record” has had such an impact on Southern Soul fans and beyond. Did you know it would be a hit when you recorded it?

JWonn: Me personally, I feel like everything I record is a hit. I did that song in one take.

GBoogie: When you see the impact of that record, what kind of motivation does it give you?

JWonn: It just lets me know that my gift has a purpose. People need my musical gift.

GBoogie: Your newer single “24-7” has also been a huge hit. What made you choose that as a single?

JWonn: Most times the first or last song I record is the single. It almost didn’t make the record. Once I recorded it, I knew it was gonna be a hit. As soon as I hit that note, it catches you. It catches you immediately…it’s got that “I Got This Record” feel.

GBoogie: Your newest album is called “The Legacy Begins“. What made you choose that name?

JWonn: After “I Got This Record“, it caught a lot of ears, but me being so young… they may have thought it was a fluke. So this is where my legacy begins. They knew my singles, but they may not remember my actual last album… but they gonna remember this one. I feel like this record could go platinum.

GBoogie: So what’s next for JWonn and where do you see your career headed next?

JWonn: Well, as of right now, just staying consistent, expanding my brand, breaking off into new areas and getting the music out.  I see my career is headed towards me being one of the greats.

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