7 Countries that Said ‘Adios’ to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

If there’s a reason why some countries have succeeded in transforming their energy source from fossil fuel to clean energy, it is because of the clamor from people. They kept on knocking on the government’s door to make sure they don’t go back to fossil fuel.

As a result, countries like Tokelau, Costa Rica, and Bonaire succeeded in totally eliminating fossil fuels. These might be small countries, but they have proven it can be done. They were able to harness their natural resources to provide energy for everyone.

This is also true for a bigger country like Denmark. They might have a population of over 6 million, but they have succeeded in eliminating fossil fuels from their system. For those who doubt that it can’t be done in a more populous country, Denmark has proven them wrong. In fact, Denmark has a lot that their excess energy is already sold to other country.

When people and the government work together to move towards a more progressive direction, it can be done. The oil companies can only be powerful if the country allows them to have too much power.

Fossil fuel is soon going away. If no action is taken now, it could harm not only the people of today, but the future generation as well. Be inspired by the 7 countries on the infographic below. Through their efforts, they have completely let go of fossil fuels. Other countries should follow suit.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

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