Cher Hair, Don’t Care

Hollywood has gone 70’s and 80’s… and it’s all groovy baby! Celebrities are now rocking waist length, middle-parted, straight & flowy “Cher Hair”. Cher’s shiny, black hair trend is back and changing the game.

Cher, Source: PINTEREST

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who rocked her extremely long black tresses on the catwalk, brought “Back In The Days” back when she dominated the catwalk with her extra long strands months ago.

Naomi Campbell stars in Versace's sexy, sporty, barnstormingly brilliant Milan Fashion Week show:
Naomi Campbell, Source: PINTEREST

This inspired others such as Kim And Kourtney Kardashian, Rihanna and Nikki Minaj, who just recently took the spotlight during Paris fashion week.

Kim Kardashian, Source: PINTEREST
Rihanna embraces Cher-inspired hair.:
Rihanna, Source: PINTEREST

Some trends, you just don’t mind seeing for the 2nd time around and this is definitely one of them! Soon, women all over will be stepping out feeling sexy and looking fierce with 20 inches or better blowing in the wind. This style is very versatile and perfect for any occasion.

Image Source: Nicki Minaj
Beyoncé, Source: PINTEREST

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