Happy Birthday, Chaka Khan!

Chaka Khan is a Legend of the Decade! Even after all these years, she still looks just as beautiful as ever. Honestly, I need to see what kind of water she’s drinking so I can look as young as she does when I get her age.

Image Source: Pinterest

I didn’t hear about Chaka Khan until I was about 14 years old only because she started out in the 1970s and I wasn’t born until 1994.

I remember hearing one of her songs entitled, “I’m Every Woman“.  That has to be my favorite song by her. I love the song and the video.

When I’m feeling a little low, I play that song and I just dance around the house and sing along. (I know I’m not the only one.)

There are so many artists from Stevie Wonder to 2Pac to even Michael Jackson that have sampled her music in their songs. Chaka Khan continues to inspire other artists around the world and I am so glad that I was born in a generation where I can still see her grace the stage at any musical event.

There’s no woman like Chaka Khan.  By the way, she’s probably the reason why I absolutely love big hair.


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