Top 5 reasons to visit Oz

I am all about traveling and adventure, and as a true Aussie, I’ve made sure I find the time to indulge the gorgeousness of my beautiful country. I’ve got to tell you, though – not many people had the luck to experience Australia firsthand like I did, and I’m proud of myself for having made it happen!

Australia is like that long conversation between two drunks – upbeat, emotional, unique, honest and so exciting that your heart starts beating faster. It’s different than any other part of the world, almost resembling an illusion. Going through it, I’ve seen plenty of charming, breathtaking places; naturally, some have stuck with me more than others and I’m still keeping them close to my heart. The nature, amazing food, dangerous species, the diversity – it’s all spectacular. Beware, though, some of the plants and animals are best left alone, for sure!

Read this post if you’re traveling to Perth, Western Australia! We’ve compiled 5 awesome things for you to do in Perth on your vacation!

It was very difficult for me to pick five best things in Australia to recommend but, I did it! I haven’t sorted them out by awesomeness – rather, by randomly remembering each of these visits.

Here, my list:

Milky Way View


Wilpena Pound is a group of mountain ranges that seem like you’re walking on a dragon’s back. Filled with many valleys and crooks, it’s great for those who wish to try their climbing skills (we won’t be mentioning to no one my falling off one of the cliffs and smashing my buttocks, okay?). If you feel like watching the Milky Way, camp there and wait for the nightfall… it’s a scene you won’t forget anytime soon.

Surfs Up


You can’t visit Australia without going surfing, right? I mean, that’s pure blasphemy. Finding a good surfing spot will take some time, as you must consider your skills too. I’ve been on waves bigger than my house! It was wild, but scary too. Make sure to stop by some of the famous coffee shops, pick up a fresh brew and grab a bite. The good thing is that food is mainly meant to be healthy, and even if you have a big meal, it won’t stick to your thighs.

Explore the Rainforests


One of the greatest reasons to travel around Australia is that you get a chance to see the contrast between desert parts and rainforests, and a whole bunch of animals and plants that go in between. Watch out for snakes, as their bites can be quite deadly. The most common Taipan snake is elusive and will attack on sight. But, even if you manage to elude this sneaky biter, you should stay clear of a plethora of plants as they are rather poisonous. Remember this paradox: if it’s cute, don’t touch it!

Go Shark Diving


The Great Barrier Reef is a place you must definitely pay a visit, and after you’re done with the tamer side of Australia, pack up and go shark cage diving. If you’re lucky, you might even run into a big one. Remember, don’t try to pet it – they bite (!), I almost lost an arm there. You can even swim with whale sharks… those gentle giants are pretty sweet, actually, but they do look scary.

Beauty and Health Procedures


You are already familiar with all the gorgeous beaches Australia’s got to offer for everyone who wants to enjoy swimming and other awesome water activities. But did you know that spending time at these beaches is actually perfect for those who suffer from bronchial issues? Well, now you do! I was amazed to learn that Australia is also on the rise with surgery-tourism, with people from around the globe migrating here to have their procedures done. A friend of mine had tuberous breasts and wanted to get them fixed, came here from NZ and had fantastic results. Now boys can’t stop gawking at her, but that’s a whole other story.

Most come to check out the beaches of Australia, but stay to try the local cuisine and to see the wildlife. Even if you plan on staying a week or so, a word of advice – book for at least a month, as there’s just so much to see! I guarantee you’ll become an Australia enthusiast!

-Claire Hastings


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