Afro Latino History Is Black History 

So one of my friends was telling about a conversation he was having in class with his teacher and students about there is no such thing as an Afro Latino. He told them yes there is because one of my friends is an Afro Latina. So the teacher asked,“what is that?” He told her that it’s another word for a black latina. She still didn’t understand. So he explained more to her and told her that my friend is Dominican. 

One of his classmates stated, “Every girl from Jackson wants to be Dominican so bad.” He told her, ” Well first of all she’s from Chicago and second I know for a fact that she is indeed and Afro Latina.”  He finally showed them a picture of me and the young lady said, “Oh her? She looks black to me, she doesn’t look like a Latina.”  

Well the question is, what does an Afro Latino/Latina look like?  I’ve had arguments with people trying to tell me who I am because my last name isn’t Spanish so that makes me less of a Latina. A lot of people do not know the history of Afro Latinos because it’s rarely taught at schools. When it is brought up, people tend to have a confused look on their faces. Once again, what does an Afro Latino/Latina look like? 

I had this discussion in my Spanish conversation class at school and my own Spanish looked at me like I was crazy because of what I was telling about what another teacher and class were talking about. I told my class, when I first moved to Mississippi, a lot of people thought I was Mexican or they would say well you don’t look like a Latina.

The history of Afro Latinos is a big thing in the media now and I wish it was shared more to educate everyone. We are Black History as well. 

I identify myself as an Afro Latina. I know I’m black… I can’t hide that, but I am also a Latina. I’m proud to be one. Personal identification is really important in society today because a lot of them try to hide their blackness. You can’t! It’s there! Be proud of it! Be proud of yourself!

– Santana


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