Revved UP for the wave ride of NU Soul

“Electrifying, Soulful, Warm-filling, Make Your Body Move, Make your soul sing Music. Revitalizing an expression of the SOUL through instrumental and vocal music.”

Come one, Come All, it was singles, it was mix and mingles, couples from the most mature down to the neo-soul babies of Generation Y.

Crowd shot from Nu Soul Revival Tour

First Stop on the Nu Soul Revival Tour touched down in the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, at the Duke Energy for the Performing Arts Center. We were greeted happily through the doors that would lead to the elegant Memorial Hall. While being escorted by the concierge, the darkness of the room was present while I came into my seat, listening to the mellow melodic music playing from a guitar and a keyboard. I was immediately captivated by the artists present on the stage. It was none other than Sunshine Avery and Dana Johnson. It was as if I walked in on the most intimate musical session where two artists were vibing, and I, along with the crowd, peeked in from a view. She sang expressively and reminded everyone to keep on shining. Uplifting the audience and reminding them to keep inspired and moving strong. She closed the house down as if she was a final act, being a breath of fresh air giving way for the rest of the musical evening.

Avery Sunshine

The comedic intermissions that seamlessly tied each artists performance, touched on popular topics and relayed them in a manner that took the edge off. It was as if, just for one night, it was okay to laugh at all the things that we think privately, in public. Like clockwork, the show stayed on time, in the pocket with no delays.

MC Lightfoot

The next artist to grace the stage was the legacy of love duo Kindred the Family Soul. Entering with electrifying energy with live instrumentation of a band giving pulses of energy to activate the heart to all the limbs of our beings. They sang many of their top hits such as “Stars” that made us embrace the love relations. “All My People” that made you want it good for everybody. “Far Away” that gave us the feel goods and had the whole crowd singing and feeling on top of the world.

Kindred the Family Soul

Ladies loved the presentation from the raspy talking, sultry soul singing Lyfe Jennings, as he engaged the audience with a comedic in-depth approach that kept you wanting more time from each of one his songs so that he could take you deeper with the music. He had you tied to the stories he was telling in his songs. This urban artist introduced to the audience many snippets of his vast repertoire.

Lyfe Jennings

The main presentation for the colorful evening was Musiq Soulchild. He rocked the house including you in his show. People raised their bodies out of the seats and became the interactive background singers for the evening.

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq sang hits from his day one album and brought everyone back to a time where they approached their childhood crushes. Re-experiencing the adrenaline to the entire body, people danced while waving their cellphones in the air and experienced “LOVE” on another level. “Life on Earth” with Musiq was out of this world. We touched on every album of his amazing legacy and had an awesome night.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Twelve-time Grammy Nominated Musiq Soulchild Releases Single, “Simple Things”

This was an amazing start to a multi-city tour that will touch down in many cities across the United States such as Detroit, Houston, Memphis, Cleveland, Atlanta and many, many more. Artist such as Foreign Exchange, Dwele, and Chrisette Michelle will also be appearing in select cities. With such talent, collaborative artistry and energy, experiencing this concert will leave you feeling revitalized and will quench your musical thirst.


Carmen Hibbler is a noteworthy entrepreneur, artist/writer, marketer, mentor and consultant. She has authorial works soon to be published and special projects to be unveiled. Whenever she’s not busy building with people and businesses, she is often spotted traveling all over the world. You can visit her at

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